The Truth Behind Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is a skincare brand that basically blew up overnight. With the owner, Sunday Riley, herself creating every product on the market you know they are bound to be phenomenal. After she realized people were getting tired of skin care she decided to create her own brand. Having her name as the brand name has encouraged her to make the brand as incredible as possible. She goes above and beyond to make sure every product is absolutely perfect. Each product goes through rigorous testing by as many people as she can let, and she listens to every person’s praises and complaints. This is the reason that her products have such a high price range.

When they were first starting out Riley managed to get her product into Barneys. Even though it was a large store and their product was lucky to be in there, they still needed to advertise. The funds were lacking in the beginning, so they turned to the cheapest form of advertising they could, social media.

Consumers obsess over the simplicity of the packaging. It makes using these products that would otherwise seem intimidating easy to use. Many times the main ingredients such as, retinal come in packaging that almost resembles something in a doctors office. This is a great product to use to counteract aging and acne, but if you aren’t comfortable using these products it isn’t going to help you at all. Sunday Riley keeps her packaging simple and sleek with minimal wording and superficial fonts. She keeps the directions short and precise so people using this product won’t be confused about how it works or unsure of what it is supposed to be doing for them.

Even though Sunday Riley products can cost a pretty penny, you are paying for quality. Riley has stated that she isn’t going to put her name on a product unless she is completely happy with it. She will go back to the drawing board time and time again to make sure she is delivering the best product available.

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