Sujit Choudhry Helps People to Understand Constitutional Law

His name is Sujit Choudhry and he is considered one of the world’s prominent constitutional legal experts. Choudhry has been a leading figure in constitutional law for many years. He has taught this subject as a professor in universities. Choudhry has even formed his own constitutional law center as a means to assist various governments, NGO’s and Think Tanks around the world with the formation and interpretation of legal principles for their territories (

Choudhry is known for his keen ability to interpret legal statutes for a nation. He can figure out how their laws should be applied for various situations involving government ethics, legal developments and maneuverings. His insight into the legal structure of nations has even been used to help citizens of a nation to understand what is happening in government.

When former Attorney General, Eric Holder who went out of his way to stand up for Robert Mueller, Choudhry provided an in-depth analysis of what he said. Holder went on to state in a tweet that if President Trump fired Mueller for his remarks regarding the investigation into Trump’s election; people should quietly protest the matter. Holder stated that would be the absolute this was the absolute red line on the matter.

Sujit Choudhry stated that the former attorney general was making a point that if President Trump fires Meuller; the American people should protest the matter. Holder made this remark to his followers on Twitter. He wanted them to understand how important it is for them to protest any action by government that is not right.

Constitutional law is not a neat and easy thing to deal with. It is extremely complex and challenging. The constitution in the United States governs so much of American life, that people do not realize that they are operating under its framework every day. Choudhry makes the knowledge of this process simple to understand. He is working hard to ensure that constitutional law is understood now and well into the future. More on

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