Rocketship Education Propels Financially Disadvantaged Students Towards a Better Future

What is Rocketship Education?

SanJose based Rocketship Education is a charter school system covering grades K-12. Wealth equals a higher quality education. Rocketship Education focuses on poor areas where educational opportunities are limited. Rocketship’s mission is to offer poorer students the same chance for academic and lifelong success that students in wealthy areas enjoy.

A non-profit Rocketship Education depends on government grants. Students and parents are referred to as “Rocketeers”. The name “Rocketship Education” symbolizes that for Rocketeers the sky is the limit. In math and English Language Arts, RE pupils perform better than 90% of students from low-income areas of California.

The Coyote Creek Flood

When the Coyote Creek overflowed last year 14,000 SanJose area families were displaced. With Catholic Charities, Rocketship Education raised over $60,000 to help Rocketeers affected by the flooding. The money benefitted the families in multiple ways.

Replacement of neccessities

  • Insurance deductibles
  •  Security deposits for new housing
  • Parents could keep working
  • Ensured the physical and emotional welfare of students

More than a humanitarian effort the Rocketship Education’s flood relief efforts were a civics lesson for the younger Rocketeers. RE emphasis the importance of community. Part of the focus of their curriculum is teaching students social skills intended to foster positive involvement in their community.

The Role of Parents in Education

There is a direct correlation between a student’s academic success and parental involvement. Rocketship Education promotes parental involvement through visits to students’ homes. This not only keeps parents engaged but being familiar with a young Rocketeers home environment helps to tailor the coursework to the student’s individual needs.

Teachers work with elder Rocketeers to help them understand their child’s curriculum. in fact, parents have a hand in developing enrichment programs like music and art. Should a younger Rocketeer struggle in the classroom or with social interaction their parents and teachers seek a solution together.

By being a Rocketship Rocketeer “…at home, at school, and in my community” the world is a Rocketeer’s classroom.

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