Peter Briger Is A Financial Executive At Fortress Investment Group

There are many talented individuals that have contributed to the success of Fortress Investment Group over the past 20 years. Peter Briger is not an original founder of the company but he did join their ranks just four years later with more than 15 years of experience in finances. Peter Briger currently sits as the co-chairman at Fortress Investment out of his office in San Fransisco. Fortress Investment’s headquarters are in New York, where the company was founded, but they have continued opening new office locations around the world. Visit to learn more.

When Peter first started working at Fortress Investment, it was a privately held company, which actually limited its overall growth in the market. Because of this, Peter Briger pushed to have the company become publicly traded and even helped in the transition. By 2007, Fortress was a publically traded company and had been featured on the New York Stock Exchange. Peter has amassed a huge amount of wealth during his stint as a financial executive and investor and his net worth is above 2 billion dollars today. As a matter of fact, all of the Fortress Investment Group executives have become billionaires for their success at the firm. Thousands of clients have invested in Fortress Investment and the company is able to comfortably manage more than 70 billion dollars for their clients in dozens of different countries.

Peter Briger managed to maintain his executive positions at Fortress Investment Group despite their recent acquisition by Softbank Group. Softbank is a massive Asian tech company that purchased Fortress Investment for a sum of three billion dollars, nearly half of which went to top executives at the firm. Despite this acquisition, Softbank made an agreement to leave everything as is and let Fortress Investment Group operate on its own terms as it always has.

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