The Influential Entrepreneur Bruce Levenson

The former General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment Basketball LLC Danny Ferry mentioned that they have a filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment is a former ownership group of NBA Franchise. The current Chief of AHBE Tony Ressler is not included in the Lawsuit.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment filed the lawsuit on September 13th in the Superior Court of Fulton County against Hampshire Insurance also known as AIG. The lawsuit was described as insurance bad faith and a civil breach of action. The AHBE said that it was insured under a policy for coverage for assured losses associated with service practices that included but was not partial to certain acts of “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts.” The court documents reported that AHBE gave notice to AIG on 2nd April for the claims that they believed were covered and were affirmed by Ferry.

According to the documents presented by the court, it stated that the own limits of the obligation claimed by AHBE were enough to pay AHBE claims. In the Lawsuit, it said that the insurance company has refused to admit the claims and also denied that policy had been prompted. The lawsuit also stated that AIG has declined to take part in the defense of the claims made or even admit coverage. In the lawsuit, Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment is also seeking to be paid by AIG to compensate for the Attorney fee and the unpaid losses.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned entrepreneur; he is the co- founder of and partner at United Communication Group which was established in 1977. Bruce is also the owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC. Mr. Bruce is a go-getter and apart from founding companies, he has also worked as a writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. Bruce has also served in several posts such as a Director at, and Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He is not only a businessman but he is also involved in humanitarian activities (see,, and he is also a philanthropist. He is the president of “I Have a Dream Foundation” of Washington. He is a holder of Bachelors of Arts Degree from Washington University and a J.D from American University. To learn more visit the brucelevenson website and Wikipedia page.

Dallas Bank Acquires College Savings Bank

NexBank Capital is a renowned financial services institution that serves consumers through Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Investment Banking. The organization provides customers with customized banking and financial services. Most of its clients are the institutional clients, leading financial firms, individuals, and corporates from all parts of the country. At the moment, Nexbank is based in Dallas.


The company is very committed to serving its clients through its leadership. NexBank always strives to deliver exceptional value to its customer in every opportunity. The organization offers its clients with unique access to the sophisticated and custom made solutions that are delivered by the most experienced professionals in the industry. The banking institution started serving customers in 1922, proving valuable banking services that meet the customer’s specialized and complex needs.


Just recently, Nexbank announced that it had decided to acquire an organization known as College Savings Bank of Princeton, found in New Jersey. According to a report released last Tuesday from the company, College Savings Bank specializes in 529 college saving program. However, during the news release, the terms of the deals were not released.


According to the report, College Savings Bank will retain its branding and name.


The banking institution will also maintain its current operations but under the division of NexBank. The president of NexBank, John Holt, says that the new acquisition will help the company to grow and serve more clients in the country.

During the press release, John Holt said that the College Savings Bank had always specialized on college savings since it was started in 1987. The institution is also believed to be a program manager for Indiana College Choice 529 Savings Plan. College Savings Bank will now be part of NexBank SSB, and it will play a crucial role in providing diversified financial services to clients across the nation.

Taking Care Of One’s Own Lips

For people, lip care is very important. It is especially important for people to keep their lips moist because dry lips are susceptible to a lot of damages. As a result, there are a lot of problems that people could deal with if they let their lips dry up. Also, just dipping them in water is not going to work very much. The lips will dry back up. Usually, chapped and dry lips are a result of some kind of condition. As a result, there is a need for treatment. Fortunately, the treatment is simple. All one needs to do is take some lip balm and rub it on the lips every not and then.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to use the lip balm all the time. Often times, the memory to use the lip balm gets lost in other activities. People often have a lot on their mind. Besides, there is nothing interesting about lip balm. This is where Evolution of Smooth comes in. Not only are their products very effective at treating the problem with dried and chapped lips, but they all have an interesting flavor to it that makes people want to keep applying the product.

They have the nutrients needed to not only moisturize the lips, but also make sure that the lips are restored to a better condition. The ingredients that Evolution of Smooth lipstick are Jojoba Oil and Shea butter. This is one of the reasons that Evolution of Smooth lip balm stand out from the other brands of lip balm and lip care. are available online via and Ulta store.

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Organo Gold Is A Quality Coffee Company That Sells Coffee Throughout Many Nations

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines, but he now resides in the United States. He got his footing in the business world while he was living in the Philippines. While he started with a company using multi level marketing, a coffee company called Gano Excel hired him. Gano Excel’s products included the reishi mushroom, a well known herbal supplement, and their products were sold throughout the Philippines.

Gano Excel grew while Bernardo Chua worked for them. There were several new branches of Gano Excel that were created in Hong Kong and Canada, along with The United States. Bernardo became the leader of the U.S. branch of Gano Excel. This branch became quite successful, but Bernardo Chua had aspirations to start his own business.

 About His Business:

The business he started is the coffee company Organo Gold. It was created in 2008, and the company has grown immensely since it’s founding. Like Gano Excel, their products contain the reishi mushroom. They produce many different types of coffee, and there are both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties.

In terms of taste, Organo Gold’s products really stand out. They have received excellent reviews from customers online, and they also have been reviewed positively by well known coffee critics.

However, Organo Gold does not just sell coffee. Instead, Organo Gold also sells other products, such as teas, hot chocolates, and even other products, such as soaps. Everything sold under the Organo Gold name, including their non-edible products, contains the reishi mushroom.

When Organo Gold was started, they only sold their goods in the United States. However, their expansion has allowed them to operate in nearly three dozen countries, including Turkey.

While Organo Gold is quite successful with e-commerce, they also sell products to independent distributors. Many of these distributors sell their products offline. In fact, it might even be possible to get a cup of Organo Gold’s coffee at your local coffee shop!

Doe Deere on How Lime Crime Came About

Are you into makeup and colourful shades of colour? Then you must have heard about Doe Deere or her company known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere is the founder of the company as well as its CEO. She is the face behind the colourful makeup trend that also introduced the matte fad all over the world. She is an interesting person and her entrepreneurial skills are unmatched. She is always looking for ways of making her products unique and her brand relevant. She has managed to stay atop the industry which is both demanding and tedious to scale for many people.


Doe is not your everyday businesswoman. She knows how to make the challenges she faces in creating amazing products push her to even greater levels of achievement. She is always concerned about her customers, who she calls unicorns. Therefore, all her efforts always go towards ensuring that this fan base gets all the quality products they need. Her fan base is mostly consisted of women who are out to have fun and wear bold yet confident colours to work or to a party or other function. They have a range of products to match their outfits and be themselves and creative at the same time.


Asked about how she started the company, Doe would tell you that she was not sure about her love for makeup or fashion at a young age. She was born in Russia but was raised in New York City when her parents moved to the United States of America. she, however, knew that she had love for colour and fun and that she could accessorize her clothes and match her outfits with colourful makeup. The problem which she encountered, however, was the lack of readily available makeup that was both bright and bold at the same time.


Doe Deere was creative enough to start her own makeup brand to complement and supplement the outfits which she was selling online. Her ebay business was picking up at the time but was not there was the makeup. She started thinking of ways to come up with some and finally decided to launch her own company and start manufacturing some of her own. Her first products, the Unicorn Lipsticks, launched in 2009, just a year after launching her company, Lime Crime. The rest, as they say, is history. When she launched the Velventines in 2012, there was a craze as more and more women went for her products and embracing the matte trend.


As a business lady, Doe Deere inspires a lot of people, especially young ladies. She is so confident and women who want that boost of confidence about them look up to her. She has made sure that women can try bold colours and still look amazing as they go about their daily activities. Her skills as a business woman have also seen her garner some of the best awards in the beauty industry. With her makeup products and growing brand, Doe Deere is definitely a force to reckon with.

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Keith Mann Never Passes On The Chance To Do Something For The People

If there is a chance to help someone, it is a forgone conclusion that Keith Mann is going to do something about it and he is going to act quickly. He is not big into wasting time or letting things pass him by in life. He knows he is in a position where he can do something for people, thanks to Dynamics Search Partners. That is why he teamed up with them to hold a fundraising event for Uncommon Schools. Anyone that has followed Keith Mann’s career knows he is incredibly passionate about Uncommon Schools and it means a great deal to him. He wants these children to be able to do anything they want in their lives.

He is looking out for low-income students. Mann knows they have to work extra hard to get ahead because of their financial situation. However, he still wants them to graduate from college and he has gone on record to talk about having an even playing field. That is not too much to ask. There are a great deal of talented children out there, but they need their talents to be seen. They could possibly be future world leaders and make real changes. With Keith Mann helping them by holding this fundraiser at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, that is a big step in the right direction.

Believe it or not, the event raised over 22 thousand dollars, which is a major accomplishment. This is something that Keith and everyone there played a part in making happen. This money can make a big difference for the Uncommon Schools.

It lets them know that anything is possible for them and that adults really care about them and their future. Sometimes they need mentors and they need to know that people believe in them and have their backs throughout every obstacle and good moment they will have in the present and future.

InnovaCare Health Can Help All Seniors With Medicare Advantage

A medicare advantage plan is a very good idea for anyone who is in need of help with their supplemental insurance, but they also have to be away of how it works once they get it. The simplest of all the plans on the market comes from a company called InnovaCare Health, and the company is led by Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto. The two of them know how these plans work better than anyone, and Penelope Kokkinides have created a very good care network that anyone can use at any time.


There are many people who are in need of supplemental insurance that will change their lives, and they are trying to find a way to save as much of their money as they can on They can use the Medicare Advantage plans that are offered at InnovaCare Health, and they can go to a large network of places where they can get care.

A lot of people are not sure how they can use these plans, but they will not be confused when they go to health centers that were set up by InnovaCare Health. The company is set up to make care easier to find, and it is much easier for every senior patient to come in with the confidence that they can be seen under their insurance plan. Seniors will bring in their identification, and they will be found in the InnovaCare Health system. Patients get instant care, and there are no hoops to jump through at each appointment.

It is very simple for a new patient to come in at any time and have their first appointment, and they are given a schedule for care that is created by InnovaCare Health for all their patients. The schedules for care are much easier to follow than anything else in the industry, and the company will offer assistance where it is needed. Patients do not have to file any of their own paperwork, but they still get the coverage they need. The beauty of InnovaCare Health is in how they offer Medicare Advantage plans without complicating things any more.

Madison Street Capital 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Announcement Recap

The M&A Advisor announces that Madison Street Capital is a finalist in their 15th Annual Awards. The awards usually celebrate contributions by various firms and are a show of great achievement in the financial industry. Nomination of the Chicago firm in two categories is quite a feat. Additionally, the second group recognizes its role in facilitating Dow’s acquisition of Acuna &Associados. Madison’s CEO is very pleased and honored by the act as he feels the acquisition was a rather complex transaction. An announcement of the winners will occur on Nov. 9th in New York Athletic Club.

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank that ensures financial issues such as finance advisory and M&A expertise make their clients succeed in the global market. Every client’s goal is theirs once they take the project, and they view upcoming markets as the drive for global growth and focus of their vital assets. The firm earns its trust from clients due to its dedication to giving a high level of standards. You may find additional information on The M&A Advisor was founded to offer intelligence on matters relating to M&A activities. For 18 years since inception, the company has established a global network of its clients and presenting awards to recognized achievements. Moreover, it enhances connections between the top achievers in the industry with a great service range. You may learn more about M&A Advisor on
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Additional Information on Madison Street Capital

The company started in 2011 and had its incorporation in Illinois as an investor’s firm. Its annual revenue is about 130000 with an employment estimate of two. The company believes in building great businesses all over the country. Its industry sectors across the globe provide a wide range of transactions and have a high number of registered professionals to carry out the activities. The professionals have a high level of expertise that can collaborate well with middle market firms across the world. Philanthropic support to some organizations like the United Ways shows its dedication to giving a great difference within the global communities.

As a leading corporate finance and M&A advisor, it has served as a great advisor of Dowco Company during its acquisition process. The action has allowed Dowco to expand its steel services to the global network. Moreover, it will also enhance its pool of resources to ensure that it can carry out large projects. It shows how important Madison Street Capital is in ensuring the best for companies’ growth. In addition, the company can arrange for proper financing to enable clients meet their needs. From its success, you will understand that the firm draws much from its many years of experience.

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Math Solutions For People Who Hate Math


Hating math is common among students of all age groups. There are always going to be at least a few students who do not like to have to work on their math problems no matter what the cost. As a result, it is great news that Alexei Beltyukov has created a solution to this problem.

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur who has worked on earning a large amount of money for himself and his investors. At the same time, he has worked to give a lot of that money away to help those who would come after him. That is an important part of the story of Alexei Beltyukov. He is not only good with numbers, but he is good to others as well.

The truth about Alexei Beltyukov is that he could have just stored up the money that he made and live a very comfortable life. However, he did not want to do that. He wanted to give back to others and to work on problems in this world that no one has come up with a great solution to up to this point.

Solvy is a great invention that Alexei Beltyukov came up with to help those who do not enjoy math. It is also a very useful tool for the teachers of those who struggle with math. This is because it is a personalized tool that plays to the interests of each student as an individual. It is not a one size fits all kind of thing.

This educational tool plays on helping people learn math problems by relating them to subjects that they actually care about. If a student likes music for example, the math problems can be designed to work around that interest. It is a good idea because the student who likes music may not love math, but he or she can work on problems that are related to music. If they are to do that, then they would be able to make the connection that much easier. This is the solution to helping those who have problems dealing with math problems in their traditional form.

Lip Balm Works Well For Professional Musicians

Professional musicians put more stress on their lips than anyone, and they often forget that they need to take care of their lips because they are dealing with such dryness and discomfort. They forget that they can use a lip balm like Evolution of Smooth, and it could really help them when they are playing their gigs. The really dedicated musicians are already aware that cracked lips could be a problem, and they need to get used to using a lip balm every day.
The lip balms that people use will vary, but the people who get the best results are usually using Evolution of Smooth ( because of how well it works. It is such a basic way for people to care for their lips that it should not be that easy. The tubs for the product will hold a very moist product that anyone can use, and it goes on really easily. The people that are using it every day will find that it helps them keep their lips smooth and soft, and it prevents them from being in pain at the end of the day when they are trying to play a gig or record. Add EOS products on your next Walmart shopping!

There are many musicians out there who are wondering how they will get through the rest of the day, and it is very important to make sure that every single one of them has a good product to help. Lip balm like EOS is really helpful, and it will show people that they can instantly get their lips back into shape. A musician will not feel off when they are using the lip balm, and they can get through a whole day of recording or gigs without an issue. That is so much better than suffering without lip balm during the day. You can buy the Evolution of Smooth products all over the country. Get these products on Walmart or online via eBay.