Friendship From Around The World With Skout

For some reason, over the last few months I have completely changed my outlook on online dating and finding people to talk to online. I was nervous about what people would say when I talked to them online, so I decided to stay away from it, but something made me want to try Skout’s platform. I had a friend that recommended it to me after successfully meeting his girlfriend from its platform. He told me that there were plenty of people on there that would want to meet me. I didn’t want to look for a girlfriend right now because I just got out of a serious relationship.

I was in my last relationship for a long time, and I didn’t want to start with another girl, so I went on Skout to make some friends. I found an article from PR Newswire that talks about a survey that Skout took of 23,000 people from different parts of the world. The survey shows how much people like making new friends online and what a great platform Skout is for building these types of relationships.

Friendship is an important aspect of life that can be overlooked, and if you’re not careful, you will be lonely in life. We all want friends to talk to, share our interests with and to generally go through life together. It helps us get over our struggles, and we get to see a new outlook on life that we might have missed if we didn’t have these friends to show up in our lives to show us a new angle on the world. People have different ways of looking at the world, and Skout allows you to connect with people all over the globe, so you get a lot of neat perspectives that you didn’t already have on life.

The article goes through some fascinating statistics, but the best one for me was that 3 out of 4 people using Skout said that they have an online friend. Even more surprising, 62 percent of people have five or more online friends! The survey was part of a celebration for international online friendship day. Another statistic says that 83 percent of people would like to meet their online friends in the real world, which is nice to hear because I would like to meet them someday. Here’s that link to the survey on PR Newswire’s site.

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Is VOC-Paint On Your Nursery Walls?

Contrary to what many parents think, children’s products are not free of chemicals, and they are not necessarily safe. Thousands of parents are learning this after looking into ‘going green’. In fact, recent US studies have shown that in a typical children’s room there were up to 300 chemicals, some with substances that emit gases. And babies are much more sensitive to these chemicals. According to Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex, parents naturally are vigilent in preparing a safe room for their children but what they don’t know creates a health hazard.

A great deal of reflection goes into painting a child’s room in beautiful palettes that evoke happiness, yet very little thought goes into VOC-free paint. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are toxic and polluting substances that evaporate when the paint is exposed to air, and are responsible for many health issues. Regulations limit VOC ingredients, but does that make it safer? Certainly paints contain fewer VOCs than before manufacturers agreed to forced regulations, but not everything is perfect yet. “The level of toxicity depends on the chemicals found in the paint and it’s quantity,” says Flavio Malulf. Among the VOC search, ethanol, propane and acetone are the best known and commonly used in paints and varnishes. “But even occasional exposure to certain VOCs can make you vulnerable to multiple effects,” adds Maluf.

Why Companies Use VOCs in Paint?

The ingredients that generate VOCs, such as solvents like acetone make the paint more fluid, thus easier to apply. They also increase its adhesion and speed up drying. Then again, there’s the downside. These fumes can also cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat or skin, and even act on the central nervous system, causing dizziness. Young children, pregnant women and elderly are more likely to be inconvenienced than healthy adults are. “The risk is smaller in a wide and well-ventilated room, than in a small space,” says Maluf.

One could say Flavio Maluf’s viewpoint on ecological sustainability was inherent. Since 1951, his family has been producing wood products using eco-friendly eucalyptus trees. Since then, the Eucatex Group has diversified their product line to include a wide range of home building items that include low-voc paint and varnishes. Following the lead of his family, Flavio had a desire to make a difference. He received his mechanical engineering B.S. degree from FAAP in San Paulo, and then continued his studies at New York University, before returning home to delve into the family business.

In 2005, Wikipedia shows that Flavio Maluf became CEO of the Eucatex Group. The self-professed environmental advocate broadened the company’s innovative vision and today they are in 37 countries. Community activist and eco-advocate, Flavio is respectful of the natural balances and solutions in nature, and Eucatex has truly continued a momentum for sustainable living.  Flavio tweets often about the environment, and how Brazil’s industry is changing to cope with the changing times.

Helane Morrison The Life Of A Corporate Compliance Officer

As businesses become larger and more integrated the need for corporate compliance officers becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. This is even more obvious in highly regulated industries such as insurance and financing. The reasons to have a corporate compliance officer are also fairly obvious especially if you engage in conduct or behavior that could conceivably put you on the wrong side of the law. If that were to happen, the penalties that could be imposed might very well destroy your company. Many of the decisions that might incur this kind of reaction could be chalked up to common sense decision making, but many times you just can’t be too careful especially in today’s environment.

What qualifications should you look for if you decide to hire a corporate compliance officer for your company? Well, let’s look at a well-respected compliance officer to see. You couldn’t get anyone any more qualified for this position than Helane Morrison. Growing up in Brooklyn New York, Morrison studied journalism at Northwestern University until she moved to California to attend the Berkeley School of Law. After graduating, she also had experience as an assistant for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmum. Justice Blackmum had a great influence on Ms. Morrison as a lawyer because he was a champion of overturning harmful and discriminatory institutions. Because of his influence, Morrison began to develop her own passion for justice and equality that continues to follow her career as a compliance officer. 

Her career in law took off when she chose to specialize in security law and defend those affected by alleged violations. As a consequence of her work in this field, the Government also took notice of her and invited her to take a position in the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange. It was this position that allowed her to have a great influence on the corruption that permeated the trading and securities industries at the time. Because of her journalism skills and legal background, she was also invited to take the position of SEC office head of enforcement. 

Another move in a stellar career was when she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007. Hall Capital Partners is San Francisco’s largest investment advisory firm. In serving there, she also holds the positions of Managing Director, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and a member of Hall Capital Partner’s Executive Committee. In addition to these positions, she is an active member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association and a contributor and speaker on the topics of compliance and legal issues of advisory services and private money funds (Bloomberg).