Lime Crime Cosmetics Becomes The Center Of An Internet Scandal

Doe Deere never thought that she would create a cosmetic line when she began the entrepreneurial path towards creativity and pleasing your customers. Ironically, it started out with novelty tattoos that she popularized by wearing them. Shortly after, all her friends began to have a need for them and wanted to buy the ones that were popular among Deere. She realized that she also had a niche for marketing at the tender age of thirteen in her native Russia, but a move to New York City would change everything and begin the path to her cosmetic line.

How Lime Crime Got It’s Start…

New York presented unlimited opportunities for Deere, but she decided to join a band. However, that won’t last long because design school was becoming a a priority. Doe Deere has always had a unconventional way of thinking and it could be channeled in design school. She later created her famous Lime Crime cosmetic line that introduces hard to find bright colors. Her eyeshadow and lipstick products contain velvetine matte and super-foil products that are 100% waterproof. Deere was one of the first to use velvetine matte that goes on with a moist texture and molds to perfection.

Lime Crime offers a YouTube channel that introduces ways to mix, match, blend, and apply their cosmetics. You can also find quality clothing items, shoes, and accessories. They encourage their wearers to be creative and be unapologetic about the colors that they choose. Lime Crime provides cosmetics that will enhance your mood, outfit, or a bad hair day. More importantly, it holds well throughout the day and you can eliminate multiply applications. You’re invited to choose from colors Radical Metallica and Purple Sorbet. Enrich your creativity with a leading cosmetic line.

Scandal is a wonderfully created hue that consists of purple and violet. Among their 2.4 million Instagram customers, it is a must have. The new Scandal cosmetic line is branded under the Lime Crime name and has the velvetine matte based contents that they are known for. Women everywhere are daring to be bold by choosing to wear Scandal. You’re invited to become a Lime Crime patron through their exclusive website. Choose the freedom of picking from radical unique colors that have been used by thousands of guys and gals around the world.

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Betsy DeVos, And One Large Step For Mankind

The DeVos family has a world-renown reputation in business, finance and philanthropy. This role the family has played is unmistakable. The DeVos name is led by Dick DeVos, the man of the house and the once CEO/president of the Amway Corporation. His wife, who has made it into headlines recently, is Betsy.

Betsy DeVos is a humanitarian by heart and more than the wife of a rich businessman. The DeVos family’s worth is in the billions. This gives Betsy DeVos a support system that most women don’t have. Yet, this hasn’t defined Betsy or anything she’s accomplished. The bulk of Betsy’s public reputation stems from her own working hands.

News headlines today spread the story of the DeVoses. This is due to the words spoken from President Donald Trump. This standing U.S. president inducted Betsy DeVos into the role of secretary of education. Betsy takes on an exciting platform that moves her past work forward and redefines the world impact she can make.

The lifetime humanitarian work from Betsy in past years brings the recent transition to us and at no surprise. But this doesn’t suggest that the work ahead is easy. The political track record of the DeVos family begins within the Republican Party. The staple of their political involvement starts in the U.S. state of Michigan.

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The DeVoses come from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This Republican state is where Betsy developed her experience in politics, education and business. The list of charitable ties from her past history is just as expansive. And her passion for positive change stems from the basic ideals held in Amway. The ties Betsy has to Amway cannot be downplayed.

Amway is a multi-level marketing group that sells products. Products from Amway are not sold in stores though. They’re instead distributed by a network of people. It’s this process that reveals how the DeVos family thinks and what ideals they hold close.

The structure of MLM businesses requires that high quality standards in products or that those in the relationships buyers have with sellers are integral. The same are the sound ideals Betsy DeVos brings to the White House. The authority she now has regards education policy, national access to it and cost management.

These recent changes must also be reported as related to the doubt of opposing parties or citizens. The Trump administration introduces an array of new policies also. Many see them as too drastic and detrimental to U.S. society.

But the one fact-based tidbit we hold true is Betsy’s history in philanthropy and humanitarian aide. The charitable work between Betsy and her husband Dick shows that the country is in store for a complete overhaul and in a positive direction. Learn more about their foundation here:

Top 3 Makari Skin Whitening Products

Makari is a luxurious skincare brand known for their amazing skin lightening products. For over 10 years they have been offering unique and innovative products to help hydrate and lighten the skin. These are just three of the top products that Makari has to offer.

1. The whitening exfoliating soap

The whitening exfoliating soap is a unique product. It helps to clarify and exfoliate the skin while also leaving it smoother and softer. The exfoliating bar works to remove dead skin cells so that skin can be brighter as well as softer.

2. The 24K gold lightening soap

The 24K gold whitening soap is one of the most unique products that Makari has to offer. It is a cleansing bar that is infused with gold flakes that help to improve the skins elasticity. Skin will feel firmer as well as more moisturized.

3. Caviar face cream

The caviar face cream is one of the most innovative products that Makari has to offer. It is an ultra rich moisturizing cream that works to relieve dry skin and help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The caviar cream also works to reduce the appearance of large pores and help reverse the signs of aging. Although it can be used on any skin type it is best for dry skin.

Although Makari has a large variety of skin care products to choose from these are just three of the top products they have to offer. They offer a full line of face and body products.

Bruce Levenson Seeks A Legal End To Hawks Insurance Dispute

Over a year has passed since the consortium headed by Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks to a group headed by technology billionaire Tony Ressler; despite the long passage of time lawyers for Bruce Levenson recently revealed the founder of UCG is still looking to bring his ownership of the NBA franchise to a close. The final aspects of the ownership of the franchise that are still outstanding involve an insurance claim brought by Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium regarding the termination of the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry.

The mutual termination of the $18 million six year contract of the contract of Danny Ferry came just days before the sale ( of the Hawks franchise to the Ressler group was announced. Bruce Levenson and his team believe comments and actions made by Danny Ferry in the wake of the then Hawks ownership actively seeking a sale of the team triggered a constructive dismissal insurance claim made with AIG; despite attempts to resolve the dispute with AIG Levenson’s lawyers have stated the New Hampshire based insurance giant has refused to communicate with the consortium, prompting the court claim being made.

The Atlanta Hawks played a major part in the life of Levenson for a number of years, but he has also remained an active philanthropist and business leader. In a report by PR News, one of the major areas the Levenson family has been active is in establishing and pushing forward the School of Philanthropy and Not For Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

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Why OSI Group Is Where It Is Today

100 Years In The Making

OSI Group was originally a family business, but over the years it has grown into something much bigger. Whenever new technology introduced ways to improve the productivity of their meat processing plants they took it. Naturally, fast food companies looking for the best supplier possible flocked to OSI Group and gave them their business. While OSI Group is no longer the family business it originally was, it still maintains much of the same spirit of hard work and determination.

Fast Food Goes Global

Much of the success of OSI Group can be traced back to the popularity of fast food on a global scale. The rise of groups such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut means someone needs to help these companies meet the demands of their customers. OSI Group has risen to the occasion and has created an international network of meat processing plants. For the most part these companies are smaller companies that OSI purchased in order to help out the business in certain regional markets. An example of these purchases is Baho Food, a Scandinavian deli meat supplier helping OSI Group in Northern Europe.

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More Than Meat

Versatility is the key to the success of an international corporation and OSI Group has taken this principle to heart. Beyond the company’s offering of meat the firm also offers its clients frozen vegetables and dough. It simply makes sense to provide as many products as your clients need in order to increase both profits and efficiency. This means that when a company wants to sell pizzas, for example, it can find everything it needs in OSI Group. Thanks to this strategy by Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the company, OSI Group has defeated just about any other competition it has.

Putting Workers’ Safety First
The success of OSI Group is largely the result of smart business strategies, but the workers are the reason everything ticks. OSI Group understands this and does just about everything it can to make sure that its employees are kept safe and rewarded for their hard work. In fact, the excellence of the safety standards of OSI Group is so great it has actually won awards for that work ethic. Last year, the British Safety Council gave OSI Group the Globe of Honor for the commitment to the safety of its workers. It isn’t hard to see why OSI Group won the award when you look at the satisfaction of its workers.

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The Best Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Flavors

What Is Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth was founded in 2007 with the goal of giving young women a brand meant just for them. When a company tries to reach an entire generation of young women you need a serious strategy on your side. This is why EOS lip balm tries to reach its fans on their territory in social media and popular music. The lip balm industry isn’t exactly known for producing the brands Millennial women will eventually come to love. However, Evolution of Smooth is defying all of those myths with its bright and flavorful lip balms.

The Magic Of Vanilla Bean

Lip balm isn’t normally known for its amazing flavors. Nobody opens a stick of Chapstick and remembers how it felt on their lips, but you’ll almost certainly remember how it feels to put on Vanilla Bean balm from Evolution of Smooth. There is an actual taste of vanilla when you apply it. The flavor sticks with you after you apply it to your lips and leaves a nice scent on your breath. The flavor doesn’t come from any artificial sources either. Instead, Evolution of Smooth uses only the finest natural ingredients to create each and every flavor. EOS lip bal products are available on Target stores, Walmart, Ulta and even Racked.

ClassDojo Hits its $21 Million Target for Enhancing Parent-Teacher Meetings

ClassDojo recently found a new reason to enhance parent-teacher meetings after it raised $21 million. The money was raised through Series B, which is a tech fundraising strategy. The capital will be used to help teachers in communicating effectively with parents. ClassDojo seeks to improve students’ performance in schools using this approach. The start-up also wants parents to be informed about their children’s behavior in school at all times.

General Catalyst headed the Series B fundraising strategy. SignalFire, Reach Capital, and GSV are among the companies that invested in education application. With its headquarters in San Francisco, the tech start-up has amassed over $31 million since 2011. It has also progressed from being a protégé of Imagine K12 to being an affiliate of Y Combinator.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the brains behind ClassDojo. The two co-founders have been working on techniques for improving communication between parents and teachers since 2015. According to Chaudhary, ClassDojo was created to help teachers in making schedules of school activities. Educators can also send pictures and video recordings of students to parents. ClassDojo comprises of a professional team of 25 people. Sam Chaudhary acts as the CEO while Liam Don serves as the CTO. In future, Chaudhary and Don expect to introduce premium features for the application to generate revenue. They are also planning to add more features that will enhance parents’ participation.

About ClassDojo

Since 2011, ClassDojo has targeted schools that want to improve their performance by engaging parents. The app has cultivated a friendly culture among parents, students, and teachers. It currently boasts a user base of 85,000 schools within the U.S. These schools are inclusive of charter and private schools. Apparently, educators in kindergartens are also using the application to monitor 8th-grade kids.


The company’s mission is to empower educators in creating incredible classrooms. ClassDojo also seeks to change education systems across the globe. The co-founders target teachers because they play a crucial role in the development of kids. They also want parents to be at par with all the lessons their children learn as well as their behavior changes.

Fabletics grows through a unique business approach

Fabletics has a unique business module. It recently took the fashion industry by storm when it opened several stores in different parts of the country. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The three saw a gap in the activewear fashion space where people could not buy comfortable activewear. People had a love for comfortable activewear that was both stylish and trendy. In the first year of operation, Fabletics managed to expand its brand from the United States to places such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Just the other year, Fabletics opened up brick and mortar stores in the United States. In short, Fabletics has grown to become a leader in the fashion world. The company has managed to reach a massive subscriber base of one million. The total amount of cash generated has been $250 million.


Fabletics focuses on a subscription model of services. Users pay a monthly fee to receive deals and discounts to the activewear. Fabletics has enabled flexibility with the subscription service. Users can choose to skip a month when they decide that they do not want to purchase activewear for that month. The skipping option is available within the first five days of the month. Skipping a month means that you will not be charged anything during that month. The subscription service is different because of its great flexibility. A subscriber doesn’t necessarily have to pay anything for a month they will not be using the service. Other subscription services on the internet should probably learn from Fabletics. The kind of business model caters for both customer and business needs.


Fabletics has made online data at the center of its business strategy. The firm knows that providing the right content is important to maintain customer interests. The company makes use of online and local data to gain information about people’s preferences. Online stores are usually created on a personal level. Pages are customized to display clothing according to one’s preferences. Fabletics has made it this possible through membership policies that seek to gain a customer’s preferences and lifestyle. When signing up to Fabletics, you have first to fill in a questionnaire to answer about your fashion preferences, body type, and your exercising lifestyle. Fabletics makes use of this information to create a personalized page where you can find products that you want. Many customers have loved this and subscribed to the company’s monthly deals.


Kate Hudson is not another pretty face; she is the person behind the business that has taken on Amazon. Through her Fabletics activewear line, she has managed to grow a multimillion business in a short period of three years. The success has seen Fabletics compete with giants in the industry like Amazon. A giant company like Amazon controls a significant percent of the fashion industry. Fabletics success to compete with large companies is not anything small. Unlike Amazon, Fabletics focuses on the activewear and sportswear niche. The company sells sports bras, yoga pants and tank tops in the activewear genre. Kate Hudson has created a brand that is an inspiration to many people that exercise. Many people have praised her line of clothing for its convenience and comfort.

IAP Worldwide Services Wins a $900 Million US Navy Contract

The US Navy has selected IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., to be one of the five companies to deliver the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II. The GCSMAC II is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity deal.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Hawaii, offered the contract and above the recommended base period for completion, the companies have an additional optional seven years. The contract is expected to end by September 2024.

The US Navy will benefit with services like facility support in construction to support humanitarian efforts and natural disasters, a broad spectrum of military actions and services in various global locations that support the US efforts.

The CEO of IAP Worldwide expresses his gratitude for this prestigious win. He added that they were happy to continue to serve clients who rely on them for ingenious solutions to their highly demanding challenges.

The US Navy had awarded the company another contract in 2014 to provide base operation support services at the Naval Air Station in Maryland, US.

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IAP’s support to the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System

IAP Worldwide had earlier won a $53 million contract with the US Army to provide logistics and training in the Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) at Fort Hood, Texas and other global locations. The work would be executed through the Rapid Response Third Generation (R23G) contract.

Rob Hargis of National Security and Technology Programs at IAP said that their company is dedicated to fulfill their clients’ mission by focusing on their requirements and responding to them professionally.

DCGS-A is the US Army’s primary system for posting and processing data, disseminating Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Information about the environment, terrain and weather. This way, it avails crucial information to the army commanders.

The $53 million contract would handle hardware systems engineering, hardware accreditation and certification, networking, data processing, training, warehouse operations and system reconciliations within the military standards.

The Army recognizes IAP Worldwide for delivering advanced solutions to aviation and life support services, design engineering, and expeditionary support to the national security.

About IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.

For more than 65 years, IAP has been providing various services to the United States and foreign government agencies and organizations. The company uses its capabilities to provide innovative, reliable and safe solutions to meet all its clients’ compound needs in 27 countries.

IAP is located in Washington D.C., Florida, Maryland and Oklahoma in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in the Middle East.

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From Start to Finish

Owning a business is part of the American dream. The country’s history is littered with stories of immigrants who come to the United States and built fortunes out of practically nothing. A great idea and the ability to put action behind it holds limitless potential. However, the learning curve for starting a new business is extremely steep. Unforeseen obstacles are very costly when they are not accounted for. Unplanned problems are a part of everyday life. In business these problems can mean the difference between success and failure. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua took a chance on an idea and put everything they had into it. Handy Home Cleaning was their creation. It was an innovative take on an old concept.

Hanrahan and Dua were very effective at identifying their consumer base and marketing their product. They were able to secure funds from investors that gave them the operating capital necessary to make aggressive moves within their industry. There is no way to account for a lack of experience however. The two young businessmen would soon find themselves in uncharted territory that threatened the foundation of the company. The product was marketed so well that they didn’t have time to find the technicians needed to provide the service that they were selling. Orders came in a wave (see: The visionaries struggled to meet the demand. The service that the company was able to provide was inconsistent and lackluster. Complaints from customers soon outnumbered the amount of orders that were being made.

Hanrahan and Dua were forced to play catch-up. They had a fantastic idea without the resources to provide the product they were presenting. This represented a huge challenge for the startup company. Unsatisfied customers and investors would soon look to their competition if Home Cleaning could not find a solution to its problems.