Marc Beer’s Renovia Is Producing Good Results For Women’s Health

Marc Beer is a successful entrepreneur and pharmaceutical specialist that founded Renovia, a biotech company that is dedicated to research and the treatment of diseases, specifically relating to women’s health for the time being. In the latest series of funding at Marc’s new company, he managed to raise more than 40 million dollars to be put towards new research and developments for their already approved drug, Leva. With hundreds of millions of women all over the world suffering from pelvic floor disorder, Marc Beer decided to focus on this illness at Renovia. Research is still ongoing for new treatments, while Leva is continually being worked on to make improvements. Learn more:


Marc Beer is not only the co-founder of Renovia, but he currently leads operations as the Chief Executive Officer. For now, research at Renovia continues but Marc has said they are continuing to work on their product that has already been approved by the FDA. Further testing and new technology will help Leva treat pelvic floor disorder with a higher rating of success. In the latest round of funding, several corporations stepped in to invest, including Perceptive Advisers, Longwood Fund, and Ascension Ventures. Marc has always been a gracious person and he has gone on to thank everyone that has supported Renovia and the development of their product, Leva. Women all over the world can find relief with continued research in Leva and other technologies, which is a worthwhile goal for the health industry.


Renovia was founded in 2015 and was able to develop Leva within a relatively short period of time. Leva is a special device that acquires data and then sends it to another device, in this case, a mobile application. Through this system, women are able to also try out new techniques to strengthen their own muscles in the pelvic area. This can help the body fight the conditions and alleviate some of the problems associated with pelvic floor disorder, mainly urinary leakage. Leva works by taking advantage of the latest sensor technology which can gather accurate information for women that use it. Renovia is currently terming the Leva system as a digital health platform.

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