How Brown Modeling Agency Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

The fashion industry seems to be a galaxy that orbits around a collection of names that have become legendary. There are names like the fashion brand Givenchy which started out as a fashion brand that was founded by designer Count Hubert Marcel Taffin de Givenchy. Like everyone who has ever aspired to enter the world of fashion Givenchy was once an unknown. However he made his mark on the industry by creating the clothes that would become the signature looks of fashion icons like American First Lady Jackie O and movie star and philanthropist Audrey Hepburn. Louis Vuitton, the French fashion house that was launched by Louis Vuitton, is famous for its iconic LV symbol which refers to the initials of its founder. That symbol has become synonymous with luxury fashion itself. Other names such as Prada and Gucci have also become synonymous with high fashion. Many of these companies were begun by young men who combined their love for aesthetics with a bent towards entrepreneurship to create some of the most iconic looks of the last century. One name in fashion that everyone should be paying attention is that of Justin Brown.

Justin Brown is the President of a modeling agency that is based in the Southern state of Texas and that is known as Brown Agency. Justin Brown’s introduction into the world of fashion was through taking on a job that is very different than the one that he has now. He actually started out in the fashion business as a model. According to an article in the Austin American Statesman the kind of modeling that he did during his very first brush with fashion is called fit modeling. He would serve as the prototype that companies built their clothes around. A company such as Lucky Brand would tailor their clothes to Justin. His work as a model led him to pursue other positions in the modeling industry and eventually saw him step away from being a model.

According to Market Wired, Justin decided to work for in the business side of fashion and ended up working for modeling agencies. His roles often led to him working with models and helping them to build the skills that were necessary to land modeling jobs. He was responsible for cultivating models and preparing them for bigger opportunities. Justin Brown’s work in model development led to him taking the leap towards leading a modeling agency of his own. Rather than move to a large urban city such as New York City or Los Angeles Justin decided to work in Texas where there is arguably a market of untapped modeling talent. Today the agency that he leads doesn’t just work with models it works with creative professionals that work in other disciplines such as acting.

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