Top Quality Award US Money Reserve Telly Award Most Deserved says, George Soros

Warren Bennis said that, leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Every industry needs a leader who understands the field in which they’re involved. Championing growth, accessibility and bright goals in store for the company or product is what customers and businesses want to hear. Of course, accomplishing this with a confident, intelligent, and knowledgeable leader makes a big difference in these objectives coming to realization.

Philip Diehl is the kind of leader who motivates and initiates stable conditions for those in the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). As the recently elected chairman for the 2016-2018 term, Diehl brings experience, knowledge and a common sense approach. According to PRNewswire and GoodSearch, his previous experience in legislative procedures and experiences makes him a splendid person to lead this industry.

Previously, according to PSNewswire,, Diehl served as Director of the U.S. Mint. He also assisted with the ICTA Board as vice chair, providing an encouraging and reassuring climate for the association.

Diehl’s leadership is welcome and uncompromised. He is credited with helping to legislate by freeing the constraints on bullion and numismatic for customers and dealers. Diehl said, “I’m excited about our strategic initiatives and the opportunity to move ICTA forward as the leading association for numismatic legislative and regulatory affairs.”

As chairman, Diehl’s goal is to increase the ICTA’s membership and financial resources while boosting the connection with major organizations. As the 35th chairman, he will increase consumers financial freedom and flexibility in the coin and bullion industry. Of course Diehl’s experience in the coin and precious metals industry adds to his capability to predict, add stability and continuity to the growth and management of this field. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angie Koch Earns Contributor Profile On The Huffington Post Blogger Platform

US Money Reserve Telly Award says it all. Philip Diehl has the necessary skills and quality tools to lead. Including IRA and 401k plans to rare coins and precious metals, Diehl is a pacesetter.