Revealing America: A Profile of the Many Who Travel The Highways By Bus

The Greyhound Diaries is an emotional journey that provides a view of who the people are that travel the roads of the U.S. by bus. It is a picture of the people who are not living out the American Dream, but instead struggling to survive. These stories are told through a web series, original music and a stage presentation. Throughout these stories there are two themes. One is how the average citizen is affected by the economic and political turmoil their country undergoes. The second point is how similar everyone is, even when they live thousands of miles apart and seemingly have very different stories.

The project is the work of Doug Levitt. Once a network foreign correspondent, Levitt now earns his salary as a singer and songwriter. He spent seven years and traveled more than 70,000 miles on buses to meet the people whose stories he reveals in this presentation. The purpose of this project was to give a voice to those who are the least likely to be heard. Since it is well known that people who use buses for transportation generally only do so because they have to, Levitt wanted to learn more about what brought them to this point and what their circumstances means to each individual.

During a performance, Levitt is able to share stories, photographs and the music the journey has inspired. Many of his performances are free to the public, and some have even been held at homeless shelters across the country. Levitt chose Greyhound because it was the only single transportation system in the country that made trips to so many small towns and rural communities across the country. This thorough examination of the entire country is what has made his project so meaningful and genuine.

Listen to Doug’s music here.

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