For Your HR Business Needs, Get Behind Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is an educated man. He got his bachelors from James Watt Institute and his master’s degree from Stafford University. His line of study was mechanical engineering, but today he is a master at helping business with their payroll, hiring, and human resource needs.

Brian is the CEO and chairman of the company Trucept. Trucept is a company out of San Diego that is a separate but extension of Brian Bonar’s successful business Dalrada Financial Services which has been in business for over seventeen years.

Although, Brian Bonar is a mechanical engineer by education he has paid his dues learning the ins and outs of business throughout his 69 years of life. Brian Bonar has had a variety of experiences with establishing business with Asian printing manufacturers and sales, and much more.

He found his way to outsourcing companies and there the seed was born for what was to become his gem in life. Sourcing businesses with the help they need to run an excellent company.

Reputation is important in the business world and Brian Bonar is built his one successful job at a time. He is well respected by his peers and considered a real asset to any company that he is involved with.

A good business thrives under a good leader with integrity. According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is one of those leaders. Like many good executives, leisure time is important and Brian Bonar likes to spend time on the gold course in the open air and sunshine and spending time with his family is just as important as succeeding in business.

With a proven track record by working for companies such as IBM, Allegiant Professional Business, and founding a number of his own companies Brian Bonar has proven experience. In business, things are always changing, and in order to stay one step ahead of the crowd you have to change with it.

Brian Bonar has found his calling in helping business succeed with taking the burden of some of the task of HR, Payroll taxes, and more off the shoulders of the main point of the business, so the administrators can focus on making their business the best. Brian is someone you want on your side to help you achieve success.