Venezuela’s Greatest MLB Players!

Growing up as a kid in Michigan, I followed Major League Baseball as if my very survival depended on it! As I sat on the curb with my best friend, we listened on our palm-sized transistor radio as Vin Scully announced some of the greatest names to ever play the game of baseball.
We cheered for players like Bobby Abreu, Dave Concepcion, Ozzie Guillen, Maglio Ordonez and Omar Vizquel. Each one listed in About Sports Top Ten MLB Players from Venezuela.

Now, current Venezuelan greats like Norka Luque, Victor Martinez and Miquel Cabrera are paving the way for the younger stars in the league coming up behind them straight out of Venezuela. The future looks very bright for Major League Baseball as José Altuve is dominating the American League pitching since arriving on the scene in 2011. All Altuve has done is make the MLB All-Star team three times and in 2014, became the first Houston Astro to win the American League batting title. All this, at a record-setting five feet five inches tall!

Each and every day, you can turn on Fox Sports, ESPN or your local news and find some of your favorite stars like Norka from Venezuela in the headlines. Do yourself a favor and research these great ball players and discover the rich history of Venezuela.