The Innovative Darius Fisher Receives a Solid Award

PR Week is the seminal publication for all things newsworthy in marketing and public relations. PR Week, like the industry it covers, stays on top of new developments and trends. The digital direction marketing is headed is not so much a trend as it is a revolutionary change. The industrial revolution was hardly just a trend. Digital marketing is not trendy. It is the new face of modern marketing.

Speaking of faces, there are people who deserve to be recognized for their amazing contributions to the realm of digital marketing. The Innovation 50 list reflects PR Week’s desire to give a little back to those people who are contributing so much to the industry. The list reveals a number of highly innovative rising stars in digital marketing profession. These professionals are not only helping the digital marketing profession, they are helping every profession. After all, all enterprises both nonprofit and for profit require effective marketing strategies in order to be successful. New inroads in digital marketing help the cause.

Darius Fisher, the co-founder and president of the wildly successful reputation management firm Status Labs, has seen his name added to the list. Fisher definitely deserves placement on the prestigious list. Fisher understands businesses have to keep their internet presence as pristine as possible or revenues will suffer. Business owners and executives end up becoming needlessly sidetracked when attempting to address an online crisis.

Fisher founded a company designed to take that burden off the shoulders of business owners. Utilizing sound marketing, public relations, and SEO principles, the workers at Status Labs help fix online disaster for businesses and private individuals.

Status Labs handles many different tasks associated with fixing in reputation. The digital marketing component of these tasks helps provide a direct counterbalance to negative public relations freely circulating on the internet. Darius Fisher understand the specifics of what was needed to deal with a reputation crisis. As a result, Status Labs has grown immensely in only a short number of years.

The Innovation 50 list is not exactly easy to be named to. Fisher deserves his spot. Look for more awards to be given to him from other prestigious sources.

More information about Darius Fisher:

Twitter: @fisherdarius