Principle Peter Briger Continues to Head Fortress Investment Group’s Credit Division After SoftBank Gains Ownership

The end of 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation closed one of the largest acquisitions of an international investment managing firm in the US. It cost the Japanese investing company $3.3 billion to purchase Fortress Investment Group, a private equity firm headquartered in New York, NY. Since the establishment of Fortress in 1998, the company received enormous growth investing in tangible, intangible, undervalued, and distressed assets. The success behind the company is one of its Principles, Peter Briger who serves as Chairman and continues his role of leading the Credit Division. View Peter Briger website at

According to Patch, on May 15th, 2018, Briger joined the leadership team in 2002 bringing experience in management skills and the Asian financial sector. Four to fives years after joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger and his leadership team purchased RailAmerica, Florida East Coast Industries, and Intrawest. Immediately, the firm offered IPO stock and became the first hedge fund in the United States to launch the new investment product.

As a result, Fortress went public and increased its vehicles to include Credit Opportunities Funds I and II, Fortress Investment Fund V, and Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund I and II. In addition, the Credit Division added Italian NPL Opportunities, Fortress Asia Macro, and Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds to its portfolio. In 2010, Briger led an acquisition transaction to buy American General Financial Services from AIG, known now as Springleaf Financial Services. The buyout of American General was a success and with the help of management, its value increased to $3.5 billion in a few years.

The following year, Fortress Investment Group opened an office in San Francisco, California to house the Credit Division under the leadership of Peter Briger. For 16 years since the launching of the divisional operation, he managed an investment portfolio comprising funds for Fortress and Drawbridge. Before Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked for Goldman, Sachs & Company for approximately 16 years and became a partner. His primary focus is on real estate assets and credit. In 2008, Forbes recognized him as number 962 of The World’s Billionaires. His net worth at the time was $1.2 billion.



Tony Petrello- Philanthropy And Business

Tony Petrello is a corporate executive and a philanthropist. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the largest oil drilling firm in the United States. Tony Petrello has led this firm since 2011. In this duration, the company has jumped into the number one drilling firm globally by recording huge return every year. Petrello initially joined the firm in 1992 as the chief operating officer of the company.

He has worked in various senior management positions before being appointed the CEO. As a philanthropist, he has supported various vital causes in different sectors such as medicine and education. He is behind the development of the first neurological research center in the world. The center is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Before joining Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello was working as a lawyer in a law firm known as Baker & McKenzie. He used to deal with taxation and arbitration. While working in this field, he developed a passion for finances which would lead him to Nabors Industries. He only worked as a lawyer for a few years before joining Nabors industries. Nabors industries was a client at the Baker & McKenzie law firm. Being a brilliant lawyer, the management of Nabors saw great potential in Tony Petrello and decided to hire him. Anthony Petrello was now was a mathematician turned lawyer and now a corporate executive. This was a huge twist of events that no one would have expected from him.

Nabors Industries has a long history. It was started in 1968 as oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling equipment contractor. The company deals with off-shore drilling. The company now operates in 25 countries and is the biggest on-land drilling from around the world. The company headquarters are in Texas, where Petrello currently lives with his wife Cynthia and they have a daughter known as Carena.

Apart from his work with Nabors industries, Tony Petrello is trying his hand in philanthropy. He has so far supported hundreds of people through funding to various initiatives. Petrello has made a fortune from his career and now, he is focused on giving back to the community by availing humanitarian support to the people in need. His biggest achievements go to the development of the neurological research center at Texas Children Hospital. This is a center that is intended to come up with a treatment for neurological disorders in children. His daughter Carena is a victim of neurological disorders which he suffered at birth. Petrello hopes that by supporting this research, the lives of his daughter and hundreds of other similar children will be restored to normalcy.

NGP Van Provides Exceptional Tips To Launch A Campaign

Launching a campaign requires an excellent plan. A good Democratic campaign begins with a strong foundation preceding launch day. NGP Van has provided superb tips for successful political campaigns.

NGP Van recommends a press kit with background material and a media advisory. This should include photos, accomplishments and a bio. The communications team should ensure placements are made in the local newspapers. The campaign launch day requires a website. Without one the people will be unable to locate the necessary information. NGP Van realizes it takes time to establish a website. The site does not need to be fancy but should contain a short bio, donate button and email sign up. The site should also be formatted for mobile phones, tablets and desktops with current information.

The campaign will generate excitement. People will be interested in email updates and becoming involved. To prevent losing data organization is critical. NGP Van offers tools such as online actions, targeted email and hundreds of integrations to set the campaign apart from the others. NGP Van recommends choosing a logo and color scheme and staying with it. The logo should be clean and fairly simple. The logo should never be changed during the campaign or the appearance becomes disorganized.

It is best to begin the campaign using social media accounts. This should include clean headshots, timeline photos and the campaign logo. Landmark shots and engagement between the people and the candidate are effective. Including the website and a clever heading are recommended by NGP Van. SMS is effective for mobilization and connection. A successful mobile list must be started early so updates can be acquired and the announcement speech incorporated.

The advertising for launch day should be digital. People will be searching for the candidate so search ads are helpful. This will place the website at the top when the candidates name is searched. The relevant keywords for the campaign should be acquired whenever possible. Banner ads will raise campaign awareness. Making calls to donors to ask for campaign support are important. The lists should be organized so the people can be informed the candidate is running and requires their assistance.


Jason Hope – Making a Difference in Communities and Abroad

Jason Hope stands his ground when it comes to his philanthropist efforts towards finding preventions of diseases that causes patients to age much faster than normal. SENS is an organization that exerts its efforts in finding these preventions and Jason Hope believes in this organization, so much that he decided to donate $500,000 to help the organization in their pursuits in such regard.Jason Hope is from Tempe, Arizona. He graduated college from the University of Arizona State with a degree in finance. He also holds an MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is currently running a successful technology development business that creates desktop softwares, apps, games and other related tech items.One of Jason Hope’s most cherished motivations is his passion for philanthropy.

Currently, he is known in the Scottsdale, AZ area for his efforts of raising grants for high school and college students who entails intellectual properties of technical ideas that are just itching to make a difference in our world today. His grants ranges from $500 – $5000 per. Many of Jason Hope’s philanthropist efforts as a whole has amazingly developed significant research developments, disease cures and biotechnology solutions that we have the benefits of today.Jason Hope’s $500,000 will specifically fund the developments of a cure for a disease most common in the elderly called, Arteriosclerosis. This disease hardens the arteries through unwanted molecular bonds which increases the blood pressure and causes aging factors with the eyes and skin. The $500,000 will contribute to the efforts of discovering how to break unwanted molecular bonds and restore the elasticity in the arteries.

As far as SENS is concerned, their approach to medicine is an attempt to create a way for us to live forever. As this may take many, many, many years to accomplish, in the meantime, diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and lung disease are a few of the most focused diseases for finding preventions let along a way to live forever.Jason Hope, along with some of the industry’s leading medical professionals, are continuously holding conferences in order to find the most effective preventions for age-related diseases. Funding and support of this journey is of an issue, but medical professionals are steadily working with what they have in order to succeed.For more information on Jason Hope and all of his admirable efforts, please visit for further details.

George Soros Provides More Than $18 Billion with 38-Year Philanthropic and Educational Contributions

Philanthropy is defined as the “love of mankind”. The concept of giving and serving to those who are in greater need is an unselfish act of humanity. For George Soros, the concept has been at the core of his entire life. George is among the wealthiest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $23 billion. However, that number may be altered a bit once the check for $18 billion clears the bank which he donated to Open Society Foundations.

George announced in October 2017 that he will be handing over $18 billion of his fortune to the foundation he founded in 1979. It is not surprising to those who know George well, but it is news that has now made history. With his donation, the Open Society Foundations will be the second-largest funded charity organization within the world. George’s donation made further history by being the largest documented donation to a charity or nonprofit agency by a single donor.

Since George does not seek the limelight when he gives, there is nothing left for him to do other than write the check. But, for the foundation, the donation means more outreach to the communities that Open Society Foundations helps with grants, scholarships and infrastructure building. The unprecedented donation will be funded through an endowment to the foundation.

George began his philanthropic work in 1979 by first participating in the rebuilding of South African’s infrastructure after apartheid- one of the worst atrocities of the world. Through his efforts, George gave scholarships to expand education opportunities to black South Africans. George is a firm believer in education. He has contributed millions of dollars over the years to major inner-city school systems such as New York City and Baltimore City.

During the transition of capitalism in Eastern Europe, George was extremely instrumental in the strategy of building a peaceful transition. He created Europe’s largest endowment for higher learning and education; bestowing it upon Central European University. With the $880 million funding from George, Central European University is among the highest ranking academic programs in the world within social sciences and it is the leading University within Europe.

Using his personal wealth, 87-year old George Soros has contributed well-over $11 billion in support of societal changes, resources and outreach needs all around the globe. His personal belief is that all people and societies are prone to differences, but that those differences should be the catalyst to bring positive change. Although some political groups or “alternative-society” activism groups might not understand George’s concept and intentions clear enough to forgo demonizing decades of philanthropic efforts, the astounding contributions of service, commitment and personal wealth provides more than enough clarity.

How Dick DeVos’ Is Involved With The JF Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts

The JF Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts has been a beneficiary of many fund drives. This fund drives have enabled the center to exceed its set targets for the capital they needed to set up a construction project. The management was overwhelmingly appreciative of the people and organizations that contributed towards the initiative. The immense support the fundraiser received urged the institution to increase their target to $50 million.


Following an official communication from the JF Kennedy Center, the campaign has managed to raise over $135.9 million towards the project. The anticipated plan shall include the riverfront pavilion and walking links that connect the building to the center. Educational halls, staff offices, dining area and the center, are among the many structures that will undergo expansion.


The bid to expand the JF Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts began in 2013. Initially, they set aside a budget of $125 million to see the success of the project. After scrutiny by some state agencies, the amount doubled.


David Rubenstein is one of the most significant contributors towards the JF Kennedy project. Rubenstein served on the center’s board of trustees as the chairman. He started the fundraiser with a bid that no one has matched ever since.


Another significant contributor to the JF Kennedy Center is businessman Dick DeVos. Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos run a family charity called The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Through the foundation, Dick contributed a sum of$1 million towards the JF Kennedy project.


Dick DeVos is a committed philanthropist based in the United States. In partnership with his wife, Dick has always participated actively in philanthropic programs. He has dedicated most of his life towards aiding the society. His career in the corporate world was shaped previously while Dick was working at prominent companies such as Windquest Group. He later on served at Amyway as a president for about ten years.


Dick DeVos is widely known for his contribution in some community projects. Not so long ago, the entrepreneur established the Education Freedom Fund. The fund has helped give education opportunities to around 4000 students hailing from marginalized communities in the state of Michigan. The businessman in partnership with his wife played a significant role in the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The institution is among the few schools that provide quality education in the field of aviation. It offers a rigorous and professional curriculum. The principles employed in the management of the West Michigan Aviation Academy constitute a more significant part of the reforms Betsy DeVos has been pushing in the education sector.


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