Meet Sheldon Lavin Is Personally Involved In Several Charities

There are many leaders in the business world today who are changing the world. Sheldon Lavin is one of those people. One of the largest food providers in the world today. They currently have over 20,000 employees in over 17 countries in 65 different facilities including Japan, India, China, Poland, Germany, Brazil, and Thailand. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO for OSI group.

OSI Group’s Origins

Although the company started at the beginning of the 20th century as Otto and Son’s, it did not take long for the small company to become involved with a small franchise startup known as McDonald’s. On a handshake agreement, Otto and Son’s became the supplier of all fresh ground beef for McDonald’s. In 1970, Sheldon Lavin came on as the partner and was eventually made CEO The company has since then grown into an international leader having most recently taken over the Tyson plant in Chicago in 2016.

Amazing Accomplishments

Sheldon Lavin is well known for taking the company to international growth during a very difficult transition time for the economy. It was this growth that led the company to be ranked #58 on Forbes list of the largest private companies in 2016 with $6.1 billion in sales. Today, because of their commitment to agriculture, OSI Group received funds from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund in the sum of 1.5 million euros.

Charitable Contributions

Sheldon Lavin is also personally involved in several charities including the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He is a 2016 Global Visionary Award recipient from India’s Vision World Academy. In 2016 he also received the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for the commitment he has shown to the communities in which OSI is currently located. His greatest accomplishment, however, was having been able to help raise his three children along with his wife while also giving back to the community and growing the company.


OSI Food Solutions — Premium Cuts and Healthy Double Up

The severity of food shortages has struck in many sections of multiple countries. There are reports of infected food and scarcity across Asia and South America. There are many people that like to eat chicken, and they haven’t been able to obtain a secure supply for favorite meal. The reports of poultry diseases may be connected to firms producing inferior meat and tainted meat. These firms don’t have the capability to supply a secure product for folks to eat, so they resort to buying product from shady distributors and bad farmers. This results in a massive threat to peoples’ health. OSI Food Solutions has stepped in to prevent this drawback.

During a recent investment and purchase, OSI Food Solutions has improved their capability to supply chicken and meat for the globe. These growth operations come after a surge of demand for chicken and reports of individuals becoming sick from inferior product. OSI Food Solutions values their client base and places public health at the highest of their list of priorities. The expansions made across their facility in Spain are the direct result of a knowledgeable team of scientists and specialists examining datasets to work out the demand for chicken. They found the demand has gone up three times within the last year and it absolutely was on steady rise at a rate of ten percent every year for the last 10 years. Those numbers are amazing!

With demand for chicken on the increase and without stopping any time soon, OSI Food Solutions has readied their facilities to fulfill the demand head on. They need a team of food safety specialists in each facility and have created an idea to look at each bit of meat before it goes out for consumption. Their production capability has doubled because of the advances in every facility. OSI Food Solutions has been the world’s darling provider of chicken for years, and currently they’re well within the lead when it concerns safety of production. The products they offer for human consumption are going to be the solution for illness, and they can create the market for safe chicken consumption. OSI Food Solutions is known as the world provider of chicken and beef products. They have offered their services to delicate clients like hospitals and schools. They recognize the need for food safety, and they have done a great job at supplying these delicate facilities.

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OSI Foods Has Been Making Improvements for Frozen Foods Everywhere Since 1917

OSI Industries, a food producing company based out of Aurora, Colorado recently bought Tyson foods in a $7.4 million transaction. When the Tyson Foods company first announced it was closing, it claimed that 480 positions would be let go. In the end, only 250 positions remained when OSI Industries took over. OSI kept as many positions as it could, offering positions to the original employees that worked for Tyson Foods. Their spokeswoman Caroline Ahn said that OSI’s position was to continue production as they normally would during the transition period.

OSI Industries was started by a man who was a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He started the company in Illinois where he sold meats. By 1917 he had branched out to expand business in Chicago. Renamed Otto & Sons, this company remained the same providing quality meats to the family until 1955. A small family-owned company was the way that the brothers worked and they weren’t about to change their ways as the years passed. The business was handed down and continued to be a game changer in the meat industry for families everywhere. Then in 1955 expansion began. It was a game changer for the idea of a family-owned company. While it was still family owned, it was becoming readily apparent that it had to expand.

That year they began the process of creating what foodies today know as McDonald’s. In fact, to this very day, McDonald’s is supplied by the company. Their meats were game changers for the fast food industry. It made fast food fast. It never sacrificed quality either as it developed the freezing and transportation system for the hamburgers and other meats later on. As the company that modernized the flash frozen beef patty for use in restaurant’s like McDonald’s, they began to expand further in the seventies to include all of the foods that they now supply today. They provide meats and vegetables to several restaurants and other foods companies to this day.

The future of OSI Industries will continue to grow and expand, now helping other companies that were in danger of failing, to become viable once more. When you consider how good the company is and has been since the beginning, it’s little wonder that Tyson foods felt safe working with them for the purchase.

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