NGP Van Provides Exceptional Tips To Launch A Campaign

Launching a campaign requires an excellent plan. A good Democratic campaign begins with a strong foundation preceding launch day. NGP Van has provided superb tips for successful political campaigns.

NGP Van recommends a press kit with background material and a media advisory. This should include photos, accomplishments and a bio. The communications team should ensure placements are made in the local newspapers. The campaign launch day requires a website. Without one the people will be unable to locate the necessary information. NGP Van realizes it takes time to establish a website. The site does not need to be fancy but should contain a short bio, donate button and email sign up. The site should also be formatted for mobile phones, tablets and desktops with current information.

The campaign will generate excitement. People will be interested in email updates and becoming involved. To prevent losing data organization is critical. NGP Van offers tools such as online actions, targeted email and hundreds of integrations to set the campaign apart from the others. NGP Van recommends choosing a logo and color scheme and staying with it. The logo should be clean and fairly simple. The logo should never be changed during the campaign or the appearance becomes disorganized.

It is best to begin the campaign using social media accounts. This should include clean headshots, timeline photos and the campaign logo. Landmark shots and engagement between the people and the candidate are effective. Including the website and a clever heading are recommended by NGP Van. SMS is effective for mobilization and connection. A successful mobile list must be started early so updates can be acquired and the announcement speech incorporated.

The advertising for launch day should be digital. People will be searching for the candidate so search ads are helpful. This will place the website at the top when the candidates name is searched. The relevant keywords for the campaign should be acquired whenever possible. Banner ads will raise campaign awareness. Making calls to donors to ask for campaign support are important. The lists should be organized so the people can be informed the candidate is running and requires their assistance.