Talkspace as a Leading Online Therapy Provider

Earlier this year, the therapy firm partnered with Michael Phelps to sensitize the public about the importance of seeking the help of a professional therapist to ensure good mental health. The experience that Michael Phelps had earlier in his life was to be shared on a national TV. According to the celebrated athlete, speaking openly about one’s mental health has a positive impact on the healing process. He disclosed that Talkspace has helped him through its innovative health solutions and encouraged other people to visit the health organization. He suffered from depression and anxiety and that affected his career negatively. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

According to Michael Phelps, speaking about his issues made him feel strong. He was delighted after learning that he could talk to a professional therapist at the comfort of his home through texting or video chatting. Mr. Phelps encouraged more people in the same situation to seek the therapy services from Talkspace because it was more affordable as compared to the charges of visiting a therapist in the traditional setup. Stigma has been sighted as one of the main barriers for patients with mental health conditions. According to the partnership agreement, Michael Phelps would become part of Talkspace’s management team to enable it to develop better strategies for mental health. He was welcomed into the organization by its Chief Executive Officer, Oren Frank.

According to a report published on Talkspace’s Twitter account, more than 40 million people in the United States have a mental illness. 50% of the population does not seek the help of a health professional. The author of the article noted that various organizations had conducted extensive awareness campaigns in the last few years to help in reducing the level of stigma among people with a mental health condition. However, the campaigns did not succeed as the organizers hoped. The other challenge for patients is the high cost of accessing the services of a professional therapist.

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