President Obama Heads The Work Of Mobile Campaign Developer NGP VAN

The NGP VAN group has been working to modernize the way political election campaigns are operated for a number of years and found a willing champion in the form of President Barrack Obama. NGP VAN has now developed a series of apps and software options designed to allow a Democratic campaign access to the best options for tracking canvassers as they move around a neighborhood and tracking those who are being targeted for fundraising opportunities.

In 2008, President Barrack Obama was making his way through his first Presidential campaign when his team noticed things had changed little in terms of the technology in use for campaigning compared to the 1930s and 1950s. Campaigning was done largely through TV ads and radio options while fundraising was completed in a slapdash fashion by most campaign specialists. NGP VAN had been looking to change the campaigns of the 21st-century were operated and worked closely with the campaign team of then-Senator Barrack Obama who was looking for ways of changing the campaign finance technology.

Democrats have been looking for different ways of bringing technology into campaigns and made their first major moves into technology in 2004 before the arrival of President Obama in 2008. By 2012, the Obama campaign had worked with NGP VAN to develop an app called Pollwatcher which has become the standard for many over the Republican-developed ORCA technology.


Among the many reasons for the success of NGP VAN has been the constant changes and developments being completed and the different forms of technology available to campaigns of all forms. NGP VAN has developed lite versions of its apps which are perfect for developing low-level campaigns across the board for Democrat candidates from the district and state campaigns to national elections. One of the major areas of development is the ability to add information to a Cloud-based database which allows individual voters to be tracked for their campaign donations and voting options.