Top 3 Makari Skin Whitening Products

Makari is a luxurious skincare brand known for their amazing skin lightening products. For over 10 years they have been offering unique and innovative products to help hydrate and lighten the skin. These are just three of the top products that Makari has to offer.

1. The whitening exfoliating soap

The whitening exfoliating soap is a unique product. It helps to clarify and exfoliate the skin while also leaving it smoother and softer. The exfoliating bar works to remove dead skin cells so that skin can be brighter as well as softer.

2. The 24K gold lightening soap

The 24K gold whitening soap is one of the most unique products that Makari has to offer. It is a cleansing bar that is infused with gold flakes that help to improve the skins elasticity. Skin will feel firmer as well as more moisturized.

3. Caviar face cream

The caviar face cream is one of the most innovative products that Makari has to offer. It is an ultra rich moisturizing cream that works to relieve dry skin and help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The caviar cream also works to reduce the appearance of large pores and help reverse the signs of aging. Although it can be used on any skin type it is best for dry skin.

Although Makari has a large variety of skin care products to choose from these are just three of the top products they have to offer. They offer a full line of face and body products.