Lovaganza Announcement of the 2020 global cultural celebration Cinerama

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Think of that culture you admired, think of that culture you are proud of but has never gotten worldwide recognition. Lovaganza, a global promoter of world cultures, will host a 3-month event in the year 2020 from May to September to celebrate world cultural heritage. Fans all over the world will be treated with the most exciting bohemian experience yet to be experienced anywhere in the world. They will share, learn and experience the cultures in an almost virtual reality and surreal surrounding.

In the wake of the announcement, the organizers of event the have been working behind the curtains literally to promote and produce content for the event. One of the flagship content on lovaganza.com, the Trilogy, is a movie that will feature cultures from Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The film is underway, and some of the shooting has already begun. The expected production will continue throughout 2017 and 2018 to facilitate discovery of more and more cultures.

To make the event a success, the organizers, promoters and other stakeholders have set locations around the world where the events will be hosted. Live events, Cinerama, and other exhibitions will be available throughout the event. The event will require resources from both the Lovaganza Foundation and The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise.

One of the reasons why this event, which was originally scheduled for 2015, was set for the year 2020 is that it is a challenge to showcase the world cultures in a way they can be remembered, celebrated and more importantly understood. To do this, one requires all the entertainment technology available. One of the technologies slated to feature prominently is the 3D immersion technology.

The Lovaganza project hopes to leave a lasting impression on the viewers’ minds through the best possible exhibition. Viewers ought to remember the event forever. Because of the commercial aspect of the event, the experience is of paramount importance. This is more than an exhibition because people all over the world will, in reality, make live presentations and encourage other people to join them in this immersive attraction.

Lovaganza is leading in discovering and showcasing diverse cultural endowments all over the world. The current project is one of the many that the organization will hope to host in the future. The company has identified the opportunity to use the available technologies in the entertainment industry and hopes that through the event, a new and an exciting way of sharing heritage can be inspired.

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