The Roles Sightsavers played in the Global Disability Summit in Rallying for Inclusivity for the Disabled

Ambitious goals

Statistics have shown that over 1 billion people across the world lives with some form of disability. Some live in the underdeveloped countries where their rights are not upheld.

A Global Disability Summit was held and was attended by over 800 delegates from all corners of the world. While the challenges associated with people with disabilities has been talked about, they have not been dealt with accordingly. The Summit focused on the following themes: dignity and respect to all, inclusive education, technology and innovation as well as economic empowering.


Prior to the Summit, Sightsavers had envisioned what it would like to be achieved in the Summit. They put forward a campaign known as ‘Put Us in the Picture’ with an aim to encourage transparency and accountability in the Summit as well as commitment amongst attendees to ensuring inclusivity among the disabled. Much of what Sightsavers aimed at, were accomplished at the Summit.


Commitments to make a difference

Over 300 delegates at the Summit advocated for Global Disability Summit Charter for Change, which affirmed their commitment to pursue inclusivity as well as equality among the disabled in their respective countries or societies. The commitments that were pledged can be narrowed down to ensuring and upholding the rights, dignity, freedoms as well as inclusivity for all people with disabilities.

Sightsavers has been at the frontline in fighting for diversity as well as inclusivity for the disabled people. The Summit’s achievements aligned well with the Sightsavers’ goals. Sightsavers, specifically, Put Us in the Picture, have put a considerable effort into supporting the UK government to put in place measures to ensure global inclusivity as well as diversity for people with disabilities.

The strides Sightsavers has made towards equality and inclusivity for all

Sightsavers has combined effort with other partners to fight for the rights of the most marginalized in the civil societies across the globe. It has been dedicated to restoring sight to people with avoidable blindness and working to see to it that inclusivity is achieved and the disabled are included in all aspects of civil societies which they live in.

Dr. Caroline Harper, one of the Summit attendees, said that she was impressed by the commitments made at the Summit. She went ahead to say that it is a good thing that the global development community came together to make sure no one is left behind in efforts to achieve development goals as well as improve lives of the people in underdeveloped countries.

Professor and Chief Editor- Mikhail Blagosklonny

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