Organo Gold Is A Quality Coffee Company That Sells Coffee Throughout Many Nations

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines, but he now resides in the United States. He got his footing in the business world while he was living in the Philippines. While he started with a company using multi level marketing, a coffee company called Gano Excel hired him. Gano Excel’s products included the reishi mushroom, a well known herbal supplement, and their products were sold throughout the Philippines.

Gano Excel grew while Bernardo Chua worked for them. There were several new branches of Gano Excel that were created in Hong Kong and Canada, along with The United States. Bernardo became the leader of the U.S. branch of Gano Excel. This branch became quite successful, but Bernardo Chua had aspirations to start his own business.

 About His Business:

The business he started is the coffee company Organo Gold. It was created in 2008, and the company has grown immensely since it’s founding. Like Gano Excel, their products contain the reishi mushroom. They produce many different types of coffee, and there are both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties.

In terms of taste, Organo Gold’s products really stand out. They have received excellent reviews from customers online, and they also have been reviewed positively by well known coffee critics.

However, Organo Gold does not just sell coffee. Instead, Organo Gold also sells other products, such as teas, hot chocolates, and even other products, such as soaps. Everything sold under the Organo Gold name, including their non-edible products, contains the reishi mushroom.

When Organo Gold was started, they only sold their goods in the United States. However, their expansion has allowed them to operate in nearly three dozen countries, including Turkey.

While Organo Gold is quite successful with e-commerce, they also sell products to independent distributors. Many of these distributors sell their products offline. In fact, it might even be possible to get a cup of Organo Gold’s coffee at your local coffee shop!