Matt Badiali: A geologist and expert in natural resources investments

If you are a seasoned investor, there are chances that you have heard about the Investor Matt Badiali. He is an expert who has proved that he knows almost everything that is there to know about this industry. He has spent over a decade looking for investment opportunities that he can share with the average investors. His wish is to see people invest wisely and make profits out of the markets.

Matt Badiali deals with a field that not many people are familiar with. He looks for investment opportunities in natural resources. This field rarely draws the attention of investors since even the information about is not readily available. However, Badiali is an expert in this field and understands it so well that he does not need to be assisted by anyone to analyze the opportunities available.

Badiali is a trained and experienced geologist, meaning that his expertise in mining activities is admirable. He holds a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He also has a bachelors in Earth Science from Penn State University. Armed with this knowledge, he worked in various countries which have active mining activities going on. He went to countries such as Haiti, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Papua New Guinea, where he learned some significant lessons about mining. He understands the global mining industry and how it reacts to different external factors.

When Matt Badiali is making a recommendation about a certain investment, there is almost a perfect chance that it will turn out as he has predicted. He picks the best opportunities that the average investor can benefit from.

Recently, Matt Badiali made a recommendation that has seen some people start making money after a very short time. He started the whole idea of freedom checks which is an investing strategy that involves investing in businesses he calls MLPs.

Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing. Freedom checks are profits that investors will enjoy from these businesses which he says are likely to pay out $34.6 billion to their investors, these companies enjoy unique regulations which allow them to share most of the profits with the investorss. They receive tax reliefs from the government for the work they do- exploring natural resources.

Michael Burwell: Why A Business Leader Should Not Be Ashamed Of Quitting

Many are the every motivational speaker bombards entrepreneurs and business leaders on the need for pressing on, even in the face of adversity. Furthermore, most executives and professionals often fear that pulling out of a project or commitment throws a shade of doubt on their leadership skills. But after walking in the shoes of a business leader for more than three decades, especially in a respectable institution, like Michael Burwell, you get to learn that quitting is sometimes as good as winning.


Controversial Quitting

Burwell reckons of the most memorable quitting move he had to take while working as a financial consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers. Together with his team, Burwell had been involved in developing a technological project that they all initially believed would be revolutionary. However, long after the process was sanctioned, and millions of dollars already spent on its formulation, he realized that an even more advanced and more disruptive technology had already hit the market.


The longtime finance expert, therefore, opted to pull out his team out of the project and refocus their attention on other activities. This decision was quite controversial and even attracted failure remarks from some quarters. However, to Burwell, it was a learning opportunity and a disguised future win. By deciding to halt the project, Michael saved the company millions that would have been spent in finalizing and launching a redundant technology. Ideally, while most people viewed the project as a fail, Burwell viewed it as a future win.


What can business leaders learn from this?

The key takeaway here is that leaders shouldn’t be afraid to lose, at least in the short run. Leaders also learn the importance of keeping an analytical eye out for competition, particularly in matters revolving around the ever-changing technology. He believes that some of the times you had to quit not only presented learning experiences but were also a success in disguise. The business administration graduate warns business owners and leaders against playing in the losing game of investing resources in existing technologies.


More about Michael Burwell

In his current role of the Chief financial officer for Willis Towers Watson, Michael runs the insurer’s global finance department. According to Willis Towers CEO, Burwell joined the company at a time when they were considering reinforcing its grip on the world of insurance. Michael Burwell’s experience in valuations, audit, and experience in dealing with different companies operating in varied industries would add the much-needed operational insights to the insurer’s executive team.


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