Whitney Wolfe Herd Makes The Foster Sisters An Important Part Of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble app has gained the ability to move even further ahead in the market. Sara and Erin Foster are now Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF’s new creative heads. These represent the networks networking and friendship arms. Although Bumble began as a dating app, the platform for Bumble Bizz was released in October. Whitney Wolfe Herd and the Fosters have already started working on new ideas. This includes panels, television shows, and partnerships with companies led by women.

Whitney Wolfe Herd had no intention of hiring two new employees until she heard Sara and Erin Foster talk about their careers. She had invited them to the Women in Entertainment panel, and their words were kismet. Although the sisters were meant to speak of their entertainment careers, and the time Erin spent as a screenwriter, the subject shifted to the friendships between women and the ways they motivate and come together regarding business. Whitney Wolfe Herd admits to being blown away by the passion of the sisters, and their genuine excitement about Bumbles mission. She decided she simply could not live without them.

Sara and Erin are well known for their appearance on Barely Famous and their satirical portrait of Hollywood. They are both thrilled to bring new ideas to Bumble. According to Sara Foster, an opportunity like this does not come along very often. The sisters share a passion for what Whitney Wolfe Herd and Bumble have done for women, and Sara feels it’s all about inclusion. Erin stated she sees Bumble as a way for women to be clever, creative and find friends and men who deserve to be a part of the conversation. She thinks this is exactly what Bumble encourages.

Sara and Erin are both impressed and inspired by their new boss. Erin believes the CEO is a direct reflection of the product, and that Whitney Wolf Herd has a mission, yet never appears overcompensating in her actions. She believes just watching her has a positive effect. Sara says she is simply humble, a great boss, and feels genuine happiness when other women are successful. Whitney Wolf Herd says before they officially began, the sisters were already discussing a thousand ideas. She was not looking for anyone famous to attach to, just someone who would use their passion to rally for the brand. This turned out to be the Foster sisters, and they appear to be a perfect fit.

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Brown Modelling Agency Taking Over

The Brown Modelling Agency is a talent agency in Austin, Texas that has had quite the history. Justin Brown, now CEO and president of Brown Modelling Agency has definitely worked hard to establish this agency as one of the most respected, successful full-service agencies in Austin. Encompassing many different aspects of the talent world, it strives to stand out and be the best. However, an agency of this magnitude was not an easy goal for Justin Brown to obtain.

Justin Brown started out modelling and working at a modeling agency to get himself through college. In college, he studied business management and at work, he became fascinated with the life behind the cameras. Justin then gained interest in meshing the business with the art background and a spark began. He moved on to training models and placing them with huge opportunities. This lead to Justin entering into the business mindset! He developed JB Models and Talent in 2008, which was licensed by the Wilhelmina national agency in 2010. Although he gained resources and success in this area, it wasn’t quite enough to make the mark he had set out to make. He was just getting started.

According to Marketwired, Wilhelmina Austin then acquired Heyman Talent-South, a successful acting talent, and meshed the two agencies together. Hence, creating a broader portfolio of experienced talent and giving this talent greater opportunities across the country.

Michael B. Bonnie, Heyman Talent-South Founder, stayed in order to lend his expertise to the theatrical division of this combined agency.

Brown Agency aims to introduce the selected best to a larger market level. These talents are being recognized and moved on to places like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota and L’Oréal.

Brown Modelling Agency has an extremely wide range of talent options, including both modelling styles and theatrical elements. Combining the strengths from the two separate talent agencies is proving to be a powerful force in the talent world.

Justin Brown’s company is believed to be placing 20 to 30 percent of the talent, which is a high rate for the surrounding area. Brown Modelling Agency’s goal is to get your talent out there for the larger market to see. The portfolio’s are breathtaking and aim to capture all of your personality and show larger market’s what real talent is.

The Brown Modelling Agency launched in September,2015 and has been growing in popularity since. The wide range of talent options provide services to clients that provide you with every opportunity to succeed.

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How Fabletics is making a Name for Itself

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is the new black when it comes to women gaming fashion. Although the company is less than five years old, it has been able to give veteran corporations like Amazon a run for their money. Fabletics has invested a lot of time, energy, and money coming up with female attire branding that is ideal both as sports gear and apparel that one can wear for leisure. As of 2016, the Fabletics Empire was worth more than $250 million, a remarkable improvement in a span of just three years.



Unlike other fashion companies, Fabletics has relied entirely on the reverse showroom technique. For instance, Fabletics sells women apparels that offer beauty, class, and comfort during workout sessions. When it comes to fashion and design, Kate never disappoints. Therefore, female customers now consider Fabletics one company that can offer them with compelling designs at highly affordable prices. Fabletics success story is unlike any we have ever heard or seen. In less than five years, Fabletics has not only dominated Amazon but also expanded beyond the United States of America. More Fabletics branches have been opened up in countries like Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands.



By using the customer subscription approach, Hudson’s Fabletics has been able to poach clients who were once loyal to companies like Amazon. Since the use of loyalty cards has proven to bring much convenience to shoppers, it has made Fabletics a one-stop shop for female shopping. Fabletics has also used technology to its advantage. Through its online shopping platform, Fabletics can now attract more home shoppers. On the other hand, Fabletics physical stores allow customers to trickle down into its shops. Thus, both approaches have helped Fabletics capture all client niches.



The athleisure brand sold at Fabletics has proven to bring out the very best from consumers as they engage in physical activities. The wear is not only cozy but also made from durable material. It is through the athleisure brand that Kate Hudson has become incredibly successful. Over the years, Kate has learned how to track her clients purchasing preferences thus giving her the ability to provide her customers with products they can relate with at the end of the day. To this end, Kate has been able to come up with items like the Lisette high-waisted Capri and the Salar Capri, products that have a lot of demand in the market. Without technology, Kate Hudson believes that Fabletics would never have made it this far. Customers are urged to fill in questionnaires so as to ascertain the type of gear that is ideal for their needs.

Fabletics grows through a unique business approach

Fabletics has a unique business module. It recently took the fashion industry by storm when it opened several stores in different parts of the country. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The three saw a gap in the activewear fashion space where people could not buy comfortable activewear. People had a love for comfortable activewear that was both stylish and trendy. In the first year of operation, Fabletics managed to expand its brand from the United States to places such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Just the other year, Fabletics opened up brick and mortar stores in the United States. In short, Fabletics has grown to become a leader in the fashion world. The company has managed to reach a massive subscriber base of one million. The total amount of cash generated has been $250 million.


Fabletics focuses on a subscription model of services. Users pay a monthly fee to receive deals and discounts to the activewear. Fabletics has enabled flexibility with the subscription service. Users can choose to skip a month when they decide that they do not want to purchase activewear for that month. The skipping option is available within the first five days of the month. Skipping a month means that you will not be charged anything during that month. The subscription service is different because of its great flexibility. A subscriber doesn’t necessarily have to pay anything for a month they will not be using the service. Other subscription services on the internet should probably learn from Fabletics. The kind of business model caters for both customer and business needs.


Fabletics has made online data at the center of its business strategy. The firm knows that providing the right content is important to maintain customer interests. The company makes use of online and local data to gain information about people’s preferences. Online stores are usually created on a personal level. Pages are customized to display clothing according to one’s preferences. Fabletics has made it this possible through membership policies that seek to gain a customer’s preferences and lifestyle. When signing up to Fabletics, you have first to fill in a questionnaire to answer about your fashion preferences, body type, and your exercising lifestyle. Fabletics makes use of this information to create a personalized page where you can find products that you want. Many customers have loved this and subscribed to the company’s monthly deals.


Kate Hudson is not another pretty face; she is the person behind the business that has taken on Amazon. Through her Fabletics activewear line, she has managed to grow a multimillion business in a short period of three years. The success has seen Fabletics compete with giants in the industry like Amazon. A giant company like Amazon controls a significant percent of the fashion industry. Fabletics success to compete with large companies is not anything small. Unlike Amazon, Fabletics focuses on the activewear and sportswear niche. The company sells sports bras, yoga pants and tank tops in the activewear genre. Kate Hudson has created a brand that is an inspiration to many people that exercise. Many people have praised her line of clothing for its convenience and comfort.

Kate Hudson’s 4th Of July Beach Wear

Featured in People magazines style section at http://stylenews.people.com/style/2016/07/04/kate-hudson-fourth-of-july-patriotic-beach-wear-fabletics/, Fabletics Co-founder Kate Hudson, kick started Americas Birthday celebration this past Monday by posting a photo of herself modeling the festive 4th of July stars and stripes print Moorea Bra and Bajan Hipster Bottoms on her Instagram account. Directly from the spokesmodels pre-existing line of athletic wear, The Moorea Bra, priced at a current discounted tag of $12.47 and found on their Pinterest site is a stretchy racer back and front shaped top with built in bra. Designed with removable cups and 88% polyester fabric this fashion forward medi length top features moisture wicking and four-way stretch for comfort and style. The Bajan Hipster Bottoms currently discounted for $14.97 is a low ride hipster swimsuit bottom crafted from silky soft compressed fabric that keeps its shape. The Bajan Hipster Bottom Of Fabletics is made to be chlorine resistant with a UPF 50+/UV protection. Hudson promoted her beach product combination with the holiday themed advert cleverly captioned for her followers; “From my airbrushed ass to yours… Happy fourth!!!”

CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, launched the Fabletics athlesure wear line with Co-founder, Spokesperson and Actress Kate Hudson on October 2013. By October 2015 the subscription based eCommerce opened six retail locations in the United States. You do not have to obtain a VIP Membership subscription to shop at Fabletics however, with the VIP membership offered by the company you gain access to monthly pre-selected outfits at discounted prices. The pre-selected outfits of their Mall of America location are a great way to establish a collection of high quality stylish athletic apparel for a portion of what it could cost you for one item of athletic apparel through other athletic wear retailers. Each month you have the option to skip a month without charge as long as it is skipped between the first and the fifth of the the month. When you do not skip between the 1st and 5th your credit card is charged a fee of $49.95 for a membership credit on the 6th which you may use for merchandise of your choosing. If you do not take advantage of the VIP subscription membership you would pay regular prices for athletic apparel of your choosing when you shop at Fabletics. For more information on Fabletics visit the eCommerce site Here.

Leggings and Sneakers are the New Skirts and High Heels

The writer Kelly Dougher has gone through various styles before she adopted her current dressing style. In high school she used to wear jeans, hoodies and sneakers. She transformed her out look when she joined college and tried new designs that brought out her feminine side. She exchanged her jeans and hoodies style with more conventional clothes on en.wikipedia.org such as skirts and high heels that complemented her look. From high school her clothing preference and tastes of fashion changed. It was after high school that she started to draw attention due to her fashion taste. It was not until she was a seasoned writer that she changed her clothing style. Before that she used to be the one with cool official clothing.

While working at home a person gets acquainted with wearing informal clothing since you are not going out. She changed her style and adopted her new sporty look. She started wearing clothes that were previously worn during exercises and work outs. Leggings, hoodies and yoga pants found themselves in her closet. She states not only are they comfortable but match her new sense of style. She disclosed some of her new preference.

After joining the gym she has invested in gym workout clothes that are practically serve several purposes. Her new found love loose leggings, leggings and sneakers can be worn in several occasions. Although it would be a plus if this clothes were customized to your preference and liking. On lazy days such as weekends she has adopted wearing sneakers and fitting jeans that can be worn over a classy trench coat. While dressing up you need to have your comfort in mind. Kelly Doughter admires people that have found a clothing fashion style that works for them.

Some workout clothes can be tasteless and somehow plain. Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady, however, is a sporty clothing company that has been designing classy and sassy workout clothes. Not only do Fabletics on corp.justfab make one of the coolest sport clothes in the market but they tailor them to a client specification. This aspect has been well highlighted in an article ran by Bustle.com that can be accessed here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/144875-how-to-wear-athleisure-style-even-if-you-normarlly-prefer-dresses-high-heels-photos.

While designing their clothes Fabletics has people like Kelly Doughter in mind. Their sporty clothes have a sense of fashion as evidenced by various pictures exhibited in their website.