Class Dojo Is Taking Education In A New Direction

Class Dojo is one of the most recent learning tools on the market, developed for improving the communication and positivity around school. This special program is receiving many positive reviews by both teachers and parents since their are many students benefiting from the overall use of the tool in the classroom. With so much success, Class Dojo has managed to reach the classrooms of every 2 out of 3 schools each day in the United States. Teachers can use the Class Dojo program to help encourage and engage their students in their school work as well as offer them feedback and progress on their overall performance day to day. Motivating students properly and helping them feel confident in their abilities is often the key to success for many students to learn properly.

Visual learners take especially well to the Class Dojo platform, since it has many short videos that are dedicated to encouraging students. The videos helps students understand the growth mindset and engage themselves in learning actively in class. Class Dojo has been receiving so much praise that it is being seen as one of the top learning programs in the United States for learning. Many other educations tools offered by other companies do not come at a cheap price nor are they easy to use. Class Dojo is helping students stay more engaged with their teachers and parents while in school and creating positive environments for students. This model for teaching students is up to 40 percent more effective at helping students retain information and learn important concepts over other traditional methods of teaching.

Their is also a rewards system set up on the Class Dojo app for students as well as the teachers. The rewards system allows instructors to reward good behavior and progress with positive reinforcement. This builds an overall positive environment in the classroom and eventually a positive community and environment for all schools. Since first launching in 2011, Class Dojo has been passionate about improving the quality of education for students, and as time goes on they will continue to improve on the apps features and content. As Class Dojo reaches more classrooms, it is expected that overall student performance and graduation rates will increase.


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