Betsy Devos

Most people don’t realize that Betsy Devos comes from an education background. While she may not have been a teacher, her mother was one. Devos said that she looked to her mother for guidance when she was in college, and she was one of the reasons that she got involved with education reform. For many years, Devos has been an education reformer in Michigan, where she brought legislation like “Kids First!” Coalition to the forefront.


Her husband has also joined her before. Dick Devos, son of Amway’s Rich Devos, has been right beside his wife all this time. Even now, he works in Washington as she runs office of the 11th US Secretary of Education. He was appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council in 2017. She has been sweeping the country with education reforms since 2016 when she was appointed by President Trump.


There’s no question that Betsy Devos believes in educational choice as the way to change and improve America’s education system. She has spoken about it vehemently in interviews, including one with “60 Minutes” and hard-hitting Lesley Stahl who asked Devos whether she thought that she had seen any success.


The question comes after Devos has only been in office for two years, and not all states have been on board with her changes to education systems. She does state that the two most successful states are Louisiana and Florida. For one, Florida has the most educational choice options, according to Devos.


In truth, Florida does have some great educational programs. Students can choose to go to magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling programs, charter schools, and private schools if they are zoned for a failing school especially. However, students also can go to private school on a scholarship. Devos states that most people simply don’t understand how these programs work, which is why they are so opposed.


Devos says that philanthropy is the reason that these programs have been successful. Donors like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have contributed greatly to educational choice, backing Devos as she looks to gain more political power in education in other states. She wants to bring educational choice to all states by the end of her term.


Devos has also been charged with school safety reform. After numerous school shootings, President Trump asked Devos to head up a school safety reform movement, in which schools would receive more security and help to prevent violence. Most schools started receiving new policies and regulations in the summer with implementation completed before the 2018-2019 school year.


While the Devos family continues to move into tighter political circles, it will be interesting to see who runs for presidency next in the republican party after Trump.


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Academy of Art University- Selling Some Classic Cars From Collection

It has been found recently that the Academy of Art University is going to consign seven of their classic cars to be auctioned off at Mecum’s “Daytime Sale” to take place in late August. This discovery comes just one week after the announcement that the university had hired the help of a new chief executive to run the collection.

The university has future plans to make the museum a public one. Currently, the museum had only been open and available to students who are studying car restoration and design. Appointments for a museum tour were also available from the public and other students.

Academy of Art University

Established in 1929, the university was founded as a for-profit institution in California. It was originally founded by Richard Stephans with only a few hundred students attending. Today, the university has more than 12,000 students enrolled. There are claims that this is the largest art and design school that is privately owned in the United States.

Elisa Stephans

The university has now been handed down to Richard’s granddaughter, Elisa Stephans. She has explained that there are more than 250 cars in the collection and many are pre-war automobiles. Some of the vehicles being sold at the auction are going to be replaced with ones that are more contemporary. These newer vehicles will be more useful to students working on their degrees at the university.

Auction Offerings

The university is offering a collection of cars to the Mecum’s Mondery sale. They have affectionately name this grouping “Art on Wheels.” Many of the cars that the university owns also helps students in design classes as well. Many of those students go on to decorating the interiors of vehicles in their careers.

Another reason for the university opening up their car collection museum to the public is to bring in more money. Changing the mix of vehicles in the collection will help to appeal to a wider audience. Some of the vehicles to be included in the auction are a 1929 convertible sedan Duesenberg Model J, a 1940 Cadillac Series and a 1940 Packard Super 8 Model.

The Excellent Support that Betsy DeVos has offered to American Children

Betsy DeVos is one of the American women who have committed themselves to transforming the lives of other people. For decades now, her family has offered millions of dollars to ensure that people across the United States have an equal opportunity of getting a decent education. Mrs. DeVos has been leading reforms in the education industry to ensure that all children have a chance to attend learning institutions of their choice. Her outstanding work convinced President Donald Trump to make her the U.S secretary education. She has been working to ensure that the system of the country is transformed to involve parents when deciding the schools that their children can attend. Follow Betsy on Twitter

The policies that Mrs. DeVos has been advocating for have enabled children to choose learning institutions that they would like to attend. The current education system forces individuals to enroll at schools that are located in their neighborhoods. Parents from low-income areas were very concerned since their children could not be admitted into good schools. Betsy’s passion has enabled her to deliver excellent results in all the work that she does.

Apart from her activities in the education sector, Mrs. DeVos has been actively taking part in political undertakings for about three decades. In 1976, she offered to join a group of volunteers who campaigned for President Gerald Ford during the general elections. She then became a member of the Republican Party and was appointed as Michigan’s delegate to the party. Betsy had an opportunity to be on the Republican National Committee for about six years (1992 to 1998). Her family has offered millions of dollars to assist in the campaigns of Republican Party candidates. They supported President Bush’s reelection in 2002.

Betsy Devos has been running various charity programs since 1989 when she established Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She manages the foundation with Dick DeVos who is her husband. The primary goal of the body is to conduct charity work. The couple has assisted many people in Michigan and various regions of the country. The donations that the DeVos family has given are dedicated to justice, leadership, arts, education, and community development. They are recognized nationally for their generosity. Read more about her philanthropy at

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is devoted to donating money to support the establishment and operations of different organizations. The institutions that it has supported include the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program and the American Federation for Children. Betsy and her husband established ArtPrize, which has been acting as an ideal platform for artists to showcase their work. DeVos loves aviation-related activities, and this motivated him to establish West Michigan Aviation. The college has modern equipment and is recognized for being among the leading in the state.

ClassDojo Hits its $21 Million Target for Enhancing Parent-Teacher Meetings

ClassDojo recently found a new reason to enhance parent-teacher meetings after it raised $21 million. The money was raised through Series B, which is a tech fundraising strategy. The capital will be used to help teachers in communicating effectively with parents. ClassDojo seeks to improve students’ performance in schools using this approach. The start-up also wants parents to be informed about their children’s behavior in school at all times.

General Catalyst headed the Series B fundraising strategy. SignalFire, Reach Capital, and GSV are among the companies that invested in education application. With its headquarters in San Francisco, the tech start-up has amassed over $31 million since 2011. It has also progressed from being a protégé of Imagine K12 to being an affiliate of Y Combinator.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the brains behind ClassDojo. The two co-founders have been working on techniques for improving communication between parents and teachers since 2015. According to Chaudhary, ClassDojo was created to help teachers in making schedules of school activities. Educators can also send pictures and video recordings of students to parents. ClassDojo comprises of a professional team of 25 people. Sam Chaudhary acts as the CEO while Liam Don serves as the CTO. In future, Chaudhary and Don expect to introduce premium features for the application to generate revenue. They are also planning to add more features that will enhance parents’ participation.

About ClassDojo

Since 2011, ClassDojo has targeted schools that want to improve their performance by engaging parents. The app has cultivated a friendly culture among parents, students, and teachers. It currently boasts a user base of 85,000 schools within the U.S. These schools are inclusive of charter and private schools. Apparently, educators in kindergartens are also using the application to monitor 8th-grade kids.


The company’s mission is to empower educators in creating incredible classrooms. ClassDojo also seeks to change education systems across the globe. The co-founders target teachers because they play a crucial role in the development of kids. They also want parents to be at par with all the lessons their children learn as well as their behavior changes.

Background Info On The Wessex Institute Of Technology

The Wessex Institute Of Technology is a postgraduate institution of higher learning that is located within the New Forest National Park. Its facilities are based in the Amherest Lodge in a peaceful and natural setting surrounded by national parkland. Wessex Institute of Technology is often abbreviated as WIT and is an official UK postgraduate school.

The institute was established in 1986. Its predecessor was the Computational Mechanics Institute that was founded in 1981 and dissolved in 1985. WIT has three main functions. The first is research into subjects such as engineering, architecture, urban design, conservation of natural resources and mathematics.

The second function of the WIT is collaboration and diffusion of knowledge. This is achieved by hosting conferences at its campus, as well as sponsoring ones abroad. The third function of the Wessex Institute of Technology is publication. The institute publishes research and information from conferences both online and in print format.