Dr. Clay Siegall – Founder of Seattle Genetics – Developer of Disease Fighting Drugs

Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm located in Seattle that was founded in 1998. Seattle Genetics specializes in drugs for diseases that have not seen decreases in their mortality numbers. Dr. Clay Siegall is the chief executive officer and founder of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he earned his B.S in zoology and he later attended George Washington University and earned his Ph.D in genetics. Dr. Siegall was able to developed a very important antibody drug conjugate that was FDA approved. He has created drug partnerships with Pfizer, Bayer, Genentech and many other well known drug manufacturers.

Since its founding and start up, Seattle Genetics has become a force to be reckoned with in the drug production industry. The original skeleton crew that Dr. Siegall established has flourished to a larger crew working in cancer research. The crew at Seattle Genetics has developed more then twenty drugs and have more in their pipeline. They are moving into the twenty first century with authority in the drug production industry.

Dr. Clay Siegall became interested in cancer research very early in his education. While he was still attending the University of Maryland and studying zoology a close family member became ill with cancer. While Dr. Siegall witnessed this relative suffer through the side effects of chemotherapy he knew there had to be a easier way to treat patients so they wouldn’t have to suffer through so many side effects.

Dr. Siegall worked for Bristol as a senior researcher. After years of witnessing his created patents provide financial success to the company he realized he wasn’t reeping any of the financial benefits and decided to start his own company. One of his patents grossed Bristol $80 million and he did not receive the recognition for it. This was what prompted him to found Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall realized he would get the recognition and earn the profits if he founded his own company.