Personal Cyber Security Threats Increases By Seven Digits This Year

The latest cyber-attack this year that affected over 150,000 computers worldwide was a turning point in the global threat of cyber security. Heavily reliant on the computer system to store information, we found ourselves at a critical breaking point when the ransomware hang on our system in a time that we had to submit crucial information to an investor as well as the insurer.


The fact that we needed to take personal cyber security seriously before then dawned on us. Cyber security is a leading current global problem. Many governments, companies, and individual have heavily been affected by this threat so much that it was a central issue in the Trump-Clinton campaigns, whereby her use of private emails was heavily scrutinized and discussed. The fledgling Trump administration has in response signed an executive order aimed at strengthening cyber security which also put section heads to be personally responsible.


This problem is predicted to rise into billions of dollars in cost with both life and property at the center stage of the threat. Personal cyber security at the family level will help avoid life losses. The loss of data, information, and audits on companies cannot be underestimated. This has been confirmed further by PWC in their report of 2017, who posits that the digitization of businesses implies personal cyber security is no longer a voluntary commitment.


The state of affairs however suggests the need to choose a good cyber security partner. A good personal cyber security partner is affordable, professional, confidential and technical. Our company employed the services of Rubica (TechNewsSpy). To enhance the scope of their services, the company has also introduced apps for mobile phones.


The latest hacks on smart phones have impacted the personal life of many renowned individuals, from nude exposes to crucial family information that is likely to land in the hands of criminals. The company has a robust customer service and response team and is available on a 24 hours basis online. They can be contacted via email and chats. They also conduct system audits on real time basis using a set of complex integrated tools. Do not expose yourself, take action, go for Rubica.

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