Doe Deere; Creating the American Dream

Doe Deere was born and raised for 17 years as a Jewish girl in Xenia Vorotova in Izhevsk, Russia. Here is often where should would dream of moving to America. She often looked to movies, music and magazines for what it would be like to live in America. As just 17 years old her mother, younger sister and herself finally made that dream a reality and moved over to America in search of a better life like many immigrants coming to America. Like many they made their way to New York City. According to her they believed that if they could make it in New York, they could make it anywhere.

Once here the reality of what New York City was like set in. With it being much larger than their half-million population at home they realized that it was going to be much hard to make it regardless of their desire to work. With jobs not coming through her mother started cleaning apartments and Doe started taking care of people’s pets. With very little left to their name they were forced to check into a homeless shelter where they spent the next six months. They would attend local food banks for meals and save all their pennies hoping that one day they would be out of there. This is where Doe starting daydreaming about becoming a fashion designer to escape her reality.

Than in 1999 they caught a lucky break by being introduced to Dorchen Leidholdt who helped her mother get her first job, her sister get into Columbia and Doe into the Fashion Institute. They were also able to move into their own apartment. It was far from luxurious but it was theirs. The late 2000s is when the moniker Doe Deere came about and by 2008 Lime Crime had been founded. This has become a very successful company employing 35 people in Los Angeles. Doe hopes to inspire many and to remind many that just because you did not start out as an American does not mean that one does not become an American.

Review on Your Favorite NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is your best go to for the latest and most recent trending news in all industries. Not only do they deliver great news that provides consumers with up to date information, but they also provide consumers with the most cutting-edge new technology products out there. They are best known for aiding in the success and growth of many companies. These companies have been very transparent in regards to the simplicity and seamlessness of how easy it is to work with NewsWatch TV. Companies have raved about how NewsWatch TV is fantastic at delivering the company’s message in a way that consumers can understand in their own language. This further aids in the success of new products being sold.

Most recently NewsWatch TV worked with a great tech company called Ockel, helping them promote their latest headphones product. The CMO of Ockel was recently interviewed and discussed how excited she was with how much NewsWatch TV had helped them in the success of generating amazing sales with their new products recently launched. Ockel CMO also stated that the quality of the NewsWatch TV production is fantastic and is delivered in a timely manner.

NewsWatch TV is also known for helping build consumer trust that is needed in order for customers to be long term customers. Companies believe that NewsWatch TV is the perfect go to for allowing consumers to discuss what they need, which in turn allows companies to gain a better understanding of what customers are willing to buy. Many companies would highly recommend NewsWatch TV as the perfect platform for getting out new product information and driving great sales.

A Close Look at Debt Management with Southridge Capital

Debt management is a critical issue that every individual should be aware of to avoid any disputes with their lenders and creditors. Many people have found themselves in embarrassing situations as a result of failure to honor their debt obligations to their creditors. Hence, it has not been a new phenomenon in the industry. However, despite the commonness of the aspect, a lot of people continue to find themselves in the same quagmire. This has been as a result of lack of the relevant information and knowledge regarding the proper management of individual finances and debts among the members of the society. This information, however, should be availed to the customers of credit services by the service renders. This had not been the case until Southridge Capital was established in the year 1996.


According to crunchbase, When Stephen M. Hicks formed the company, he had come out of research that he had been conducting trying to figure out the fundamental principles behind the debt crisis. The findings of his research indicated that many individuals who got themselves in financial troubles as a result of debts had insufficient understanding of debt management. They lacked plans on how to utilize the borrowed funds as well as how to refund the money. Therefore, the victims ended up using the borrowed funds without a clear plan on how to ensure that they repay the loans. Other individuals landed in such troubles as a result of unviable projects in which they piped all their debt finances. Southridge Capital was formed to address all these issues that affected the everyday credit customer in the US.


The first initiative by Stephen M. Hicks was to develop some training programs for the loan customers at Southridge Capital. The clients were to be trained on the debt handling techniques that would never land them into troubles with the lending institutions. They were also trained on the fundamentals of loan application so that they could understand the essence of having the right purpose for taking up a loan. As a result, the customers are now more comfortable with their lenders because the disputes that occurred before have ceased. Visit for more details.


The Unbeatable Waiakea Water Company

Waiakea Water is a naturally alkaline water company located in Hawaii, USA. It was founded by Ryan Emmons who is the CEO of this company in 2012, due to his sincere appreciation for clean living, the environment and health. It was while in his uncle’s place when he tasted the sweet water that came from the volcano in Hawaii and he had no doubt that other people would surely like the water as he did. Once out of college, he felt the need to pursue his dream and developed the idea of Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water.

The alkalinity of the company’s water is one of the distinct features of Waiakea’s water. Substances with high pH levels can cause serious problems to our health thus the company produces water that is healthy for consumption with an alkaline pH of 8.2. Waiakea water pH has other benefits like it helps reduce acid reflux and heartburn by neutralizing stomach acidity, because of the bicarbonates found in alkaline water that inactivates pepsin permanently.

On a general point of view, the company is focused on producing its products in a very environmentally friendly manner. They have a very unique and natural filtration process which involves passing water through a very long volcanic rock (14000 feet) in the Mauna Volcano. Using this method of filtration is a good use of nature’s resources and it could have a wide variety of benefits to a person’s health.

The company works with the superior emissions consultants to aid in reducing its environmental impact to zero. They have also gone a mile further in producing packaging methodologies that are purely environmental friendly, like the RPET bottles. Due to all the effort the company has put, Waiakea was named the first bottling company in Hawaii to be attested CarbonNeutral.

Waiakea continues to flourish in the field of water bottling having been awarded severally buy different bodies over the short period it has been operating. The company gives its customers water that has a very sweet taste probably due to its alkaline nature and a wide range of electrolytes which include magnesium and calcium. Having a bottle of Waiakea water is with no doubt the next thing to include in your “to do list”.

Louis Chenevert Is An Amazing Leader Who Helped United Technologies Corporation To Be Its Best

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who has improved every company or organization that he has had the pleasure to work with. He currently is an exclusive advisor for Goldman Sachs and also loves to spend quality time with his family. Chenevert spent a lot of his career working the aerospace industry where he made a huge impact. Specifically, he was the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), which is a company that would not be where it is today without all of the hard work that he did. It was during the 2008 calendar year that he was chosen to take the reigns as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. In 2010, he became the Chairman, as well. He has also been a part of Cargill Inc. by sitting on its Board of Directors, and recently, he has had the honor of becoming the Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

Louis Chenvert received his education at the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) where he worked for a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Production Management. After this, he earned an Honorary Doctorate while finishing up his studies at the University of Montreal. Louis Chenvert was once asked what he would do differently if he had to start over again, and he revealed that he would pay closer attention to the internal politics of the businesses he served and how they interfere with achieving the greatest of results.

Louis Chenevert has noticed, over the years, that many brilliant minds lost focus and couldn’t execute due to internal politics, and he has learned to not put up with the kind of people who are not in agreement with the agenda of the company. He referred to these kinds of people as energy drainers and commented about how they can slow the forward movement of progress in larger companies. He finds it is best to deal with any kinds of internal issues or issues at all by tackling them right as they come up. This is how winning companies are made according to Louis Chenevert, and he would know as he has been a part of many successful companies.