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Todd Lubar has seen it all as far as mortgage business is concerned. Aside from working in some of the leading companies in the industry, he established his enterprises such as Legacy Financial Group. Lubar is a prominent alumnus of the Syracuse University where he majored in speech communication. He recently opened up to Inspirery on his beginning and the philosophy behind his success.

Todd Lubar gave credit to his passion for helping people achieve their objectives, in particular for playing a role in his success journey. To him, this desire led him to come up with RELIEF, a product/program designed to help customers get rid of impediments that prevent their dreams from coming true. Additionally, he attributed his success to being hardworking and detail-oriented.

Working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation gave Todd Lubar a chance to learn and network. The relationships or friendships formed with professionals he met as a loan originator have helped him create a strong referral base. Aside from Business, Todd Lubar comes out as a family man who adores spending time with his loved ones/family despite his busy schedule.

About Todd Lubar’s Professional Life

Todd Lubar is undeniably among the knowledgeable real estate minds in the world. He ventured into the industry in 1995 and quickly fell in love with all aspects of the business. In fact, it became his desire to help other individuals attain success in real estate. Lubar’s career began at Crestar Mortgage Corporation working as a loan originator. This opportunity allowed him to gain useful knowledge on mortgage banking as well as fostering beneficial relationships with various experts in the industry such as CPA’s and insurance agents among others. In 1999, Todd Lubar moved to Legacy Financial Group where he held an equity position. This move further reinforced his experience and knowledge about the real estate business.

Todd made a bold move in 2002 when he launched Legendary Properties, LLC. Later in 2003, he established Charter Funding, a top privately-owned mortgage company in the US, reveals Upon evaluating a selection of underserved customers in the industry, he created an affiliated company of Legendary Properties called Legendary Financial, LLC. Aside from the mortgage business, Todd has participated in other businesses such as the automotive scrap recycling and commercial demolition. Currently, he holds the presidency position at TDL Global Ventures.

Jim Tananbaum’s Experience Helped to Create Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum has experience working in private equity firms. He worked as one of the top private equity executives long before he came up with the idea for Foresite Capital and that helped him to have a clear idea of what he wanted to do with his own company when it came time to start it. Jim knew that things would be easy once he took control of the company but he first had to make some major decisions about it. He chose the healthcare industry to provide private equity options to because he knew that the industry was lacking when it came to the financial options that they had. He also knew that doing this would help the company to grow because the healthcare industry would almost always need someone who could finance their startups and the other opportunities that they had to improve with their experiences.

In a report by Biz Journals, since Foresite Capital first started, they have been able to see a big increase in the options that they have for their clients. From smaller health companies to large ones that have several hospitals within their system, Foresite Capital knows the right way to help them and to make sure that they are getting exactly what they need from the process. They also work to make sure that the companies are able to continue with their goal instead of just helping them start the company and then walking away from them with the options that they have. More details can be found on Ideamensch to know more.

One thing that Foresite Capital has always focused on thanks to the efforts that Jim Tananbaum originally put into the company is a dedication to the increased opportunity for the people who need the healthcare industry. Jim Tananbaum recognized that it was important to help healthcare companies so that they could get started with their businesses but he recognized that they needed to do this so that they would be able to provide healthcare options to people who needed them. Jim Tananbaum knows that helping people who are sick is important and has chosen to do it through helping the healthcare companies that need capital. Check out his website

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