End Citizens United Endorses Liz Watson In Her Campaign

End Citizens United, which became an entity in order to stop a Supreme Court decision that involved allowing corporations to donate large, near limitless amounts of money to political candidates. This court decision took the voting power out of the hands of the average citizen and put it solely in the hands on rich corporations.

The organization was founded in 2015 and has grown to be one of the biggest grassroots political action committees in existence. The organization intends to accomplish its goal by endorsing political candidates that do not accept large sums of money from corporations; End Citizens United also works against politicians that do accept these large amounts of money.

End Citizens United has a frequently updated list of political opposition that it calls the Big Money 20: a list of 20 GOP candidate that accept big money. The list currently includes Dean Heller, Paul Ryan, Duncan Hunt and many more incumbent Republicans.

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End Citizens United, as previously mentioned, also provides support to a variety of different Democratic candidates.

One of the more recent people to be endorsed by End Citizens United is Liz Watson. She is running for the 9th district in Indiana. Like all of End Citizens United’s candidates, Liz doesn’t accept big money from big corporations. She relies on donations from individuals and simple grassroots organizations to find campaign funds. “Voters are fed up with the way Washington does business,” began Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United. “And they’re demanding reform.”

Tiffany Muller began her career in politics with a bang. She was the first openly gay politician to hold office in Kansas as a member of the Topeka City Council. In addition to being the President of End Citizens United, Tiffany also serves as Executive Director. Her position in local politics isn’t her only experience in politics of course. She has also served as chief of staff to a couple Congressmen. Her experience in politics is rounded out by her time spent as the Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Campaign Committee.

End Citizens United Fingers Another Meddler In The 2016 Elections Other Than The Russians

Everyone by now has heard about the much trumpeted “Russian collusion” scandal which has swirled about the 2016 US presidential elections like a dark maelstrom.

Most of the allegations concern a Russian company which bought and paid for a lavish amount of political ads which were then posted on the social media platform, Facebook and were believed to have contributed to the election of Donald J. Trump. This opened up a bevy of investigations into Trump and his cabinet and associates supposed connection to The Kremlin and Vladimir Putin himself.

However, according to, End Citizens United, or ECU – a very well known political action committee, dedicated to overturning the momentous Citizens United v. FEC ruling which allowed dark money pools to overtake the American political process – the Russians are not the only culprits in the meddling which took place during the 2016 elections. Indeed, according to the group, a congregation of various and shadowy Chinese foreign nationals manipulated and abused legal loopholes to donate a substantial amount of money, reportedly a sizable 1.3 million dollars, to none other than presidential candidate Jeb Bush. End Citizens United largely blamed the FEC (The Federal Election Commission) for the meddling, citing their security protocols and legislative measures as “outdated.”

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Though the candidate with the most money does not always win, as was the case with the 2016 election, there is a certain threshold of cash which everyone simply must have to run a viable campaign. Furthermore, it is not just money itself that moves campaigns forwards but also influence peddling and meddling, such as the previously mentioned Russian Facebook ads. In light of these facts, End Citizens United strongly urged the Federal Election Commission to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what they have done to compromise the security of the American electoral process by allowing political contributions to be classified as “speech” which is thus, protected. The Democratic Party have also taken steps to secure the electoral process such as the DISCLOSE act as well as the Get Foreign Money Out of Politics Act and, just like End Citizens United, they also look to overturn the Citizens United v. FEC supreme court ruling that opened the floodgates to begin with in 2010.