Principle Peter Briger Continues to Head Fortress Investment Group’s Credit Division After SoftBank Gains Ownership

The end of 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation closed one of the largest acquisitions of an international investment managing firm in the US. It cost the Japanese investing company $3.3 billion to purchase Fortress Investment Group, a private equity firm headquartered in New York, NY. Since the establishment of Fortress in 1998, the company received enormous growth investing in tangible, intangible, undervalued, and distressed assets. The success behind the company is one of its Principles, Peter Briger who serves as Chairman and continues his role of leading the Credit Division. View Peter Briger website at

According to Patch, on May 15th, 2018, Briger joined the leadership team in 2002 bringing experience in management skills and the Asian financial sector. Four to fives years after joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger and his leadership team purchased RailAmerica, Florida East Coast Industries, and Intrawest. Immediately, the firm offered IPO stock and became the first hedge fund in the United States to launch the new investment product.

As a result, Fortress went public and increased its vehicles to include Credit Opportunities Funds I and II, Fortress Investment Fund V, and Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund I and II. In addition, the Credit Division added Italian NPL Opportunities, Fortress Asia Macro, and Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds to its portfolio. In 2010, Briger led an acquisition transaction to buy American General Financial Services from AIG, known now as Springleaf Financial Services. The buyout of American General was a success and with the help of management, its value increased to $3.5 billion in a few years.

The following year, Fortress Investment Group opened an office in San Francisco, California to house the Credit Division under the leadership of Peter Briger. For 16 years since the launching of the divisional operation, he managed an investment portfolio comprising funds for Fortress and Drawbridge. Before Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked for Goldman, Sachs & Company for approximately 16 years and became a partner. His primary focus is on real estate assets and credit. In 2008, Forbes recognized him as number 962 of The World’s Billionaires. His net worth at the time was $1.2 billion.



A Wealth of Information can be Found from Matt Badiali on Freedom Checks

You may have heard a few things lately about freedom checks and Trump bonus checks. Neither one are handout or welfare checks of any kind, and they’re both a kind of investment a little like traditional stocks, but they have marked differences. Despite claims to the contrary, they both are verified legitimate investments that investors have written reviews on and shown to have made dividend earnings on. Trump bonus checks are a part of Agora Financial’s published newsletters and require you to do your homework there. Freedom checks are discussed on their sister company Banyan Hill’s website?

A freedom check is essentially a kind of stock, and if you saw it on a regular trading platform like Scottrade, you probably wouldn’t know the difference between it and other stocks. But instead of being a regular corporation subject to all the same SEC and IRS rules that other publicly-traded companies are, freedom checks are governed by Master Limited Partnership (MLP) regulations. Federal law limits the kind of companies that can operate as MLPs, and the ones that Banyan Hill advocates for are in the energy and natural resources industries. But what makes owning the shares of MLPs special is that they are not subject to the income tax that most regular corporations have to pay, so if you own a freedom check and it explodes for big gains, you will not be paying tax on it unless you sell it.

The discovery of these MLP shares was made by Matt Badiali who has a long history of working with oil and mining companies all over the world. He realized that the US is changing course in energy by starting to do away with foreign oil imports and now investing more in fracking, building oil pipelines and becoming independent in energy production. Badiali realized the MLPs doing this were set to make billions in profits, and it would be a shame if investors were to miss out on those with a chance to take a slice of the pie tax free. So that’s why he coined the term freedom checks, and he writes about them more in his newsletters at


Talkspace as a Leading Online Therapy Provider

Earlier this year, the therapy firm partnered with Michael Phelps to sensitize the public about the importance of seeking the help of a professional therapist to ensure good mental health. The experience that Michael Phelps had earlier in his life was to be shared on a national TV. According to the celebrated athlete, speaking openly about one’s mental health has a positive impact on the healing process. He disclosed that Talkspace has helped him through its innovative health solutions and encouraged other people to visit the health organization. He suffered from depression and anxiety and that affected his career negatively. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

According to Michael Phelps, speaking about his issues made him feel strong. He was delighted after learning that he could talk to a professional therapist at the comfort of his home through texting or video chatting. Mr. Phelps encouraged more people in the same situation to seek the therapy services from Talkspace because it was more affordable as compared to the charges of visiting a therapist in the traditional setup. Stigma has been sighted as one of the main barriers for patients with mental health conditions. According to the partnership agreement, Michael Phelps would become part of Talkspace’s management team to enable it to develop better strategies for mental health. He was welcomed into the organization by its Chief Executive Officer, Oren Frank.

According to a report published on Talkspace’s Twitter account, more than 40 million people in the United States have a mental illness. 50% of the population does not seek the help of a health professional. The author of the article noted that various organizations had conducted extensive awareness campaigns in the last few years to help in reducing the level of stigma among people with a mental health condition. However, the campaigns did not succeed as the organizers hoped. The other challenge for patients is the high cost of accessing the services of a professional therapist.

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Peter Briger Is A Financial Executive At Fortress Investment Group

There are many talented individuals that have contributed to the success of Fortress Investment Group over the past 20 years. Peter Briger is not an original founder of the company but he did join their ranks just four years later with more than 15 years of experience in finances. Peter Briger currently sits as the co-chairman at Fortress Investment out of his office in San Fransisco. Fortress Investment’s headquarters are in New York, where the company was founded, but they have continued opening new office locations around the world. Visit to learn more.

When Peter first started working at Fortress Investment, it was a privately held company, which actually limited its overall growth in the market. Because of this, Peter Briger pushed to have the company become publicly traded and even helped in the transition. By 2007, Fortress was a publically traded company and had been featured on the New York Stock Exchange. Peter has amassed a huge amount of wealth during his stint as a financial executive and investor and his net worth is above 2 billion dollars today. As a matter of fact, all of the Fortress Investment Group executives have become billionaires for their success at the firm. Thousands of clients have invested in Fortress Investment and the company is able to comfortably manage more than 70 billion dollars for their clients in dozens of different countries.

Peter Briger managed to maintain his executive positions at Fortress Investment Group despite their recent acquisition by Softbank Group. Softbank is a massive Asian tech company that purchased Fortress Investment for a sum of three billion dollars, nearly half of which went to top executives at the firm. Despite this acquisition, Softbank made an agreement to leave everything as is and let Fortress Investment Group operate on its own terms as it always has.

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From Doctor to Car Dealer: The Successful Story of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

It seems like quite a jarring career change, going from medical doctor to owner of a car dealership. But that is the story of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. Back in 1979, “Dr Carlos” was a renown physician in Northern Brazil. One day, he went to the Campina Grande Ford dealership to purchase a new car, a Landau. But before they could deliver the car to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, the dealership went bankrupt. He proposed that the dealership be transferred to him as compensation for not getting his car. The deal was agreed to, and the dealership was renamed CAOA, after the doctor’s initials.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade did not just sit back and treat his new purchase like a hobby. He actively managed the dealership, and within six years, CAOA became the largest Ford dealership in all of Brazil. When the country allowed imported vehicles to be sold within its borders, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade took advantage of this. CAOA became the exclusive importer of vehicles from the French firm Renault. This relationship proved highly successful as Renault became the highest selling imported car in Brazil. When CAOA’s partnership with Renault ended before the close of the decade, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade struck a deal with Suburu to become its exclusive importer in Brazil. In 1999, CAOA also became an exclusive importer for Hyundai. In 2007, the two companies opened the first ever Hyundai factory in the country.

Along with being a successful auto dealer, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has shown that he is also a socially responsible businessman. In 2010, CAOA was given the Good Doer Award for its efforts to reduce waste and help with reforestation. In 2015, the company opened the Center for Research and Energy Efficiency (CPEE) at the CAOA Assembly plant in Anápolis.

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Doe Deere; Creating the American Dream

Doe Deere was born and raised for 17 years as a Jewish girl in Xenia Vorotova in Izhevsk, Russia. Here is often where should would dream of moving to America. She often looked to movies, music and magazines for what it would be like to live in America. As just 17 years old her mother, younger sister and herself finally made that dream a reality and moved over to America in search of a better life like many immigrants coming to America. Like many they made their way to New York City. According to her they believed that if they could make it in New York, they could make it anywhere.

Once here the reality of what New York City was like set in. With it being much larger than their half-million population at home they realized that it was going to be much hard to make it regardless of their desire to work. With jobs not coming through her mother started cleaning apartments and Doe started taking care of people’s pets. With very little left to their name they were forced to check into a homeless shelter where they spent the next six months. They would attend local food banks for meals and save all their pennies hoping that one day they would be out of there. This is where Doe starting daydreaming about becoming a fashion designer to escape her reality.

Than in 1999 they caught a lucky break by being introduced to Dorchen Leidholdt who helped her mother get her first job, her sister get into Columbia and Doe into the Fashion Institute. They were also able to move into their own apartment. It was far from luxurious but it was theirs. The late 2000s is when the moniker Doe Deere came about and by 2008 Lime Crime had been founded. This has become a very successful company employing 35 people in Los Angeles. Doe hopes to inspire many and to remind many that just because you did not start out as an American does not mean that one does not become an American.

Fortress Invest Group is expanding credit opportunities for new investors

Global finance advisor and capital manager, Fortress Investment Group, is focusing on direct lending, and open-end asset funds to meet demands for a stimulating, private credit market. They are expected to close at $5.5 billion by the end of 2018. Such expansion includes fund investment into the following sectors- intellectual property, real estate/ asset debt, and aircraft leases.

Fortress Investment Group wants to give investors a more convenient way to meet their objectives through the open-end asset fund vehicle. The mutual fund strategy loosens share restrictions, helps achieve growth goals, and decreases regulatory challenges.

Founded in 1998 by Wesley Edens, Robb Kauffman, and Randal Nardone, the asset-based manager was recently acquired by SoftBank, an international telecommunications company. Upon its sale for $3.3 billion in 2017, Fortress became the first public company to de-list itself from the New York Stock Exchange.

The Japan based company is seeking to expand its portfolio through strategic acquisitions. The purchase of Fortress Investment Group gives SoftBank access to world-class knowledge on asset-based investing, significant relationships with leading principals, and ability to extract value from a whole new group of industry sectors. SoftBank could also attempt to expand $100 billion tech investment fund through Fortress.

Despite its acquisition, Fortress will continue to be recognized for innovation in leadership, commitment to partnerships, and keeping ahead of industry standards through technology. Its multifacited, highly diversified business model was, and is attractive across the market. Many analysts, and experts have noted Fortress’s ability to yield consistent profits for its investor base.

The Fortress Investment Group specializes in real estate, credit, debt, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions. The company is predictable in its fee structure, incentive income in business alternatives, and strong in health. Diversification, and technological investment defines the company’s legacy. The firm takes its core competencies from the board rooms into the business world.

Eat Right with the OSI Food Group Professionals

Eating a great diet is important to the OSI Group food service team. They’ve been able to compete in a complex food service industry. They were one of the first to win an award for their food excellence with over a century in the food industry. Get the diet plan you need to feed your family a great meal. Eat smart with OSI. Each one of their diets are formulated with the proper amount of vitamins and daily antioxidants. Don’t trust your diet to big name food industry professionals with added byproducts or GMO processed foods by making the switch to OSI for your restaurant.

OSI Recent International Business News

Many big name food giants have been unable to compete with the successful business relationship with the United States and OSI. They’ve had a presence that stretches over 20 years. More importantly, they have been able to create a business relationship with the EU food industry. While others were competing for the Flagship Europe Food Group, OSI Group was already sealing the deal with the food giants. They will now operate their largest food facility. They have been able to become a part of the Dutch, Baho Food Group to process their organic vegetables.

Meet OSI Group Team Leaders

There are several food giant team executives that are a part of the OSI Industries success model, but their key leaders have did a great job standing out. Their CEO, David McDonald, has been able to stand out as a serious business professional. He has led the industry by creating jobs around the world. In fact, with the OSI, COO, Sheldon Lavin, there are over 7,000 jobs for at-risk adults around the world. They’re also recipients of the British Food Council Awards. Learn more about the OSI Group team by visiting their easy to navigate website for more details.


The Exceptional Man behind Eucatex Group; Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is among the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He was born into a rich family. However, he did not let his family’s wealth determine his hard work. He joined the New York University where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Later on, he joined Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University in Brazil. Here he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

His family operated a business called Eucatex Group. It was established in 1951. Its aim was to produce environmental friendly building supplies. In addition, it also produced toys and furniture. In 1987, he decided to work for the company alongside his family members. Despite his ties with the owners, he worked extremely hard. He produced nothing short to quality results. The company’s management team decided to come together to discuss his amazing results. It was then that he was chosen to be the president of Eucatex Group.

Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership, the company has grown to become one of the best building companies in Brazil. It exports its products to approximately 40 countries around the world. Besides that, the company was involved in the construction of the stadium where the 2014 World Cup was held.

More so, Flavio Maluf is greatly consulted when it comes to economical matters in Brazil. Recently, he did an interview discussing how production of farm products consequently affected animal products. He advocates for any entrepreneur to always study the market trends. This eventually helps solve matters such as declines experienced in production.

His contribution to Brazil goes deeper to his Philanthropic nature. He is a believer in every individual acquiring quality healthcare. He assists and donates to people and charities in areas such as Sao Paulo. This charisma and Philanthropic nature is greatly admired by people around the world. Read more:


The Unbeatable Waiakea Water Company

Waiakea Water is a naturally alkaline water company located in Hawaii, USA. It was founded by Ryan Emmons who is the CEO of this company in 2012, due to his sincere appreciation for clean living, the environment and health. It was while in his uncle’s place when he tasted the sweet water that came from the volcano in Hawaii and he had no doubt that other people would surely like the water as he did. Once out of college, he felt the need to pursue his dream and developed the idea of Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water.

The alkalinity of the company’s water is one of the distinct features of Waiakea’s water. Substances with high pH levels can cause serious problems to our health thus the company produces water that is healthy for consumption with an alkaline pH of 8.2. Waiakea water pH has other benefits like it helps reduce acid reflux and heartburn by neutralizing stomach acidity, because of the bicarbonates found in alkaline water that inactivates pepsin permanently.

On a general point of view, the company is focused on producing its products in a very environmentally friendly manner. They have a very unique and natural filtration process which involves passing water through a very long volcanic rock (14000 feet) in the Mauna Volcano. Using this method of filtration is a good use of nature’s resources and it could have a wide variety of benefits to a person’s health.

The company works with the superior emissions consultants to aid in reducing its environmental impact to zero. They have also gone a mile further in producing packaging methodologies that are purely environmental friendly, like the RPET bottles. Due to all the effort the company has put, Waiakea was named the first bottling company in Hawaii to be attested CarbonNeutral.

Waiakea continues to flourish in the field of water bottling having been awarded severally buy different bodies over the short period it has been operating. The company gives its customers water that has a very sweet taste probably due to its alkaline nature and a wide range of electrolytes which include magnesium and calcium. Having a bottle of Waiakea water is with no doubt the next thing to include in your “to do list”.