How Eli Gershkvitch has chartered the unchartered brewing path

In Canada, the beer industry was introduced by European settlers and has continued to grow. Craft beer has been improved both concerning producers and consumers since it appeals to a wider demographic. The craft segment has recently been attracting new consumers who would otherwise consume different drinks. This has made major Canadians brewers acquire small local brewers who are making craft beers.


The craft beer industry accounted for 10% of the industry and experienced major growth. The craft brewers have also taken up the trend of packaging the beer in cans instead of the traditional beer bottles making it more convenient ( The annual Canadian brewing awards recognize the best beers using blind beer tastes, and most of the awards came from craft beers.


Through reinvention of the beer industry, talented brew masters are putting Canada on the map, and one such company is through Steamworks group through its founder and CEO Eli Gershkovitch (TheBroTalk). The company was among the top contenders. Eli opened his first steam brewing pub in Gastown in 1995 which gained prominence quickly, and more business opened in the surrounding areas offering Steamworks beverages. In 2013 the enterprises became full-fledged brewing company. The company makes several concoctions including lion gate lager, pale ale, and the newest addition IPA.

Eli Gershkovitch pic3

Eli Gershkovitch spends a lot of his time researching on how to make each of the beers perfect before selling to the public. The CEO Eli is known for taking risks and following paths that have not been taken before, something that extends to other areas of his life. Eli owns planes and a fleet of cars and took a flight from Vancouver to England in one of the Cessna that he owns. He is not only a renowned businessman but also very adventurous.


Eli Gershkovitch, who was born in 1975, studied law at Toronto University and after the university that his first taste of beer ignited a desire to make something great and revolutionize the beer industry. He began researching while still in his law office in Vancouver and later followed up with licensing and began his pub in 1995.