An Inside Look at PSI Pay, the First Contactless Payment Ring

One of the newest kids on the block in payment services is PSI pay. PSI pay and Kerv decided to partner together to bring the first contactless payment ring to those who want to be able to send payments without a hassle. PSI Pay offers the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in real time in more than 170 countries. The fintech industry loves this type of service because it’s what fintech does best. With card payment facilities and other offerings, PSI pay has become the number one option for many in the UK.

Additionally, one of the features that has made this card a great option, is the Mastercard license. This license along with the partnership of Kerv enables users to make payments without needing to make contact. This means no hassle for the user and less time to move money to where it needs to go. With more than 30 million locations for users, it is now easier than ever to fund their bank accounts or reload debit cards with PSI pay.

Phil Davies, the Managing Director of PSI pay, said in a recent statement that they were thrilled to be able to work with Kerv as an alternative payment service. Their technology and functionality are innovative, but the ease of use is what is most attractive to the average user. Bank transfers may also be done utilizing PayPal, a popular service based out of the U.S. but available around the world. Now that cryptocurrency is becoming a more popular payment option, payment processing services are now offering more to their customers as a result.

Electronic payment services are now the most popular way to send and receive money and the goal with PSI pay and Kerv is to make it contactless and easy to use. The faster and less expensive sending and receiving money is the more someone is likely to use that service again. This service is also now able to benefit from making purchases within the app.

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Dallas Bank Acquires College Savings Bank

NexBank Capital is a renowned financial services institution that serves consumers through Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Investment Banking. The organization provides customers with customized banking and financial services. Most of its clients are the institutional clients, leading financial firms, individuals, and corporates from all parts of the country. At the moment, Nexbank is based in Dallas.


The company is very committed to serving its clients through its leadership. NexBank always strives to deliver exceptional value to its customer in every opportunity. The organization offers its clients with unique access to the sophisticated and custom made solutions that are delivered by the most experienced professionals in the industry. The banking institution started serving customers in 1922, proving valuable banking services that meet the customer’s specialized and complex needs.


Just recently, Nexbank announced that it had decided to acquire an organization known as College Savings Bank of Princeton, found in New Jersey. According to a report released last Tuesday from the company, College Savings Bank specializes in 529 college saving program. However, during the news release, the terms of the deals were not released.


According to the report, College Savings Bank will retain its branding and name.


The banking institution will also maintain its current operations but under the division of NexBank. The president of NexBank, John Holt, says that the new acquisition will help the company to grow and serve more clients in the country.

During the press release, John Holt said that the College Savings Bank had always specialized on college savings since it was started in 1987. The institution is also believed to be a program manager for Indiana College Choice 529 Savings Plan. College Savings Bank will now be part of NexBank SSB, and it will play a crucial role in providing diversified financial services to clients across the nation.