A Wealth of Information can be Found from Matt Badiali on Freedom Checks

You may have heard a few things lately about freedom checks and Trump bonus checks. Neither one are handout or welfare checks of any kind, and they’re both a kind of investment a little like traditional stocks, but they have marked differences. Despite claims to the contrary, they both are verified legitimate investments that investors have written reviews on and shown to have made dividend earnings on. Trump bonus checks are a part of Agora Financial’s published newsletters and require you to do your homework there. Freedom checks are discussed on their sister company Banyan Hill’s website?

A freedom check is essentially a kind of stock, and if you saw it on a regular trading platform like Scottrade, you probably wouldn’t know the difference between it and other stocks. But instead of being a regular corporation subject to all the same SEC and IRS rules that other publicly-traded companies are, freedom checks are governed by Master Limited Partnership (MLP) regulations. Federal law limits the kind of companies that can operate as MLPs, and the ones that Banyan Hill advocates for are in the energy and natural resources industries. But what makes owning the shares of MLPs special is that they are not subject to the income tax that most regular corporations have to pay, so if you own a freedom check and it explodes for big gains, you will not be paying tax on it unless you sell it.

The discovery of these MLP shares was made by Matt Badiali who has a long history of working with oil and mining companies all over the world. He realized that the US is changing course in energy by starting to do away with foreign oil imports and now investing more in fracking, building oil pipelines and becoming independent in energy production. Badiali realized the MLPs doing this were set to make billions in profits, and it would be a shame if investors were to miss out on those with a chance to take a slice of the pie tax free. So that’s why he coined the term freedom checks, and he writes about them more in his newsletters at www.BanyanHill.com.

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