Standing On The Expectations Of Democracy

The expectation of democracy seems to stand on a high mountain where few dare to climb. The hesitance we have in believing in the highest ideals of democracy comes from a conviction. This conviction is the work of professionals like Sujit Choudhry. The expectations of democracy are the values, virtues and ideals of society that’s founded on equality.

The freedoms you and I have are assumed to be innate with the life we have in our bodies. This means that even the slightest interference into the liberties of another person becomes a large offense. Sujit Choudhry is a professional that lives up to the expectations of society and by setting the standard of democracy himself.

No Better Candidate Than Sujit Choudhry

Sujit takes this stance because of his personal passions in transition. This professional is called into many foreign nations that are developing their democratic governments. His work brings these countries and people to a better understanding of the democratic process ( What seems simple from the outside is a very complicated matter.

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The challenge is democracy itself. When people are governed by those they have elected, the people will also have a great deal of power. True democratic nations have to listen to every citizen and be emphatic to every issue. Adjusting to this dynamic brought the United States into civil war and before it unified itself as one republic.

Experience and Constitutional Law

The lessons we learn from past developments of democracy give us a trajectory for today. The world is organized in a manner where we’re still learning about the applications of democracy. This process opens the eyes of the world as leaders in democracy are falling short of the expectations set. The short coming is apparent to us because of the expertise of Sujit Choudhry.

Professor Choudhry gives us a glimpse into the political world and it’s true organization.  Read this note-worthy interview on  Our standards for society are held high but not high enough. In conjunction, leaders are not held accountable in the right manner and because the people’s voices haven’t been heard.

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The Many Achievements Of Hotelier Shiraz Boghani

Indeed, if there was a hall of fame for hoteliers, then Shiraz Boghani’s name would be on it in a prominent status. He would probably even be a first-ballot inductee. Once you study him, you realize that man takes hospitality to a whole new level and has had an illustrious career in the hotel industry.

He actually started breaking ground in the hotel industry a long time ago, in the early 1990’s. A native of London, Shiraz Boghani was the first hotelier to introduce limited service branded hotels during that decade. Since then, Boghani has kept busy, introducing 25 such projects over the years.

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Currently, he is the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, and in this role he is dedicated to instilling a positive growth strategy in the business and helping it continue to thrive for the long remainder of the 21st Century. Shiraz Boghani continues to expand the Splendid Hospitality Group, and he has done so not only by his excellent leadership but by surrounding himself with only the best people. Engineers, doctors, logistical experts and construction professionals are all dedicated to building only the best hotels for the Splendid Hospitality Group. It is a credit to Shiraz Boghani’s dedication that he is able to inspire such loyalty across the board.

If he had this track record alone, he would be seen as a far superior hotelier businessman. However, what is perhaps surprising is that these have not been his crowning achievement during his illustrious hotel career. No, he reached the pinnacle of success in the hotel industry in 2016.

It was during that year he was awarded the Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards banquet. This prestigious award is judged by a number of experts, including noted journalist Amit Roy, investment banker Jitesh Gadhia, and well-known executive Shailesh Solanki among others.

Shiraz Boghani was honored to have all of his hard work recognized, but he also had the humility to realize that he did not go on the journey alone. During his acceptance speech, he noted how if it wasn’t for the stellar executive team in place at Splendid Hospitality, he wouldn’t be where he is today. He gave special thanks to Splendid Hospitality CEO Stuart Bailey. There is no doubt that Shiraz has come a long way since his days as a struggling young accountant in the UK fresh off the boat in 1969!

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Boraie Development, Building Foundations For The Future

Surging real estate markets, mortgage termination and an astronomical foreclosure rate are certainly nothing new in the economic chaos of The Great Recession, and while things have been significantly improved overall, there are still urban areas where this crisis is still very much alive and even worse than before, and it seems the surging real estate market has found itself a new home in New Jersey, one of the most densely populated areas in the country, threatening a potential rebound of residential fidelity achieved in recent years. To this end, Philly Purge has come across one of the best solutions to this crisis, Boraire Development, a development firm determined to not allow New Jersey to collapse back into housing recession.


While delinquency rates are and foreclosures are decreasing in the area, New Jersey is still trailing the majority of the country. A widening gap between supply and demand for housing could spark a housing emergency, which isn’t helped by the fact that the recent influx of thousands of new properties due to the recent drop in housing permits, which are sold immediately after becoming available. However, there’s also strong expectation that prices for homes will appreciate, improving and r selling conditions and lead to more homes available on the market, the sudden influx of jobs further increasing housing demands. For more details visit



Boraire Development, New Jersey’s most sought after development company, holds that title both due to seeking the most private sources of capital, but mostly for its ability to work with architects, financial institutions and contractors who understand how to meet deadlines and hold a clear vision of the procedure to ensure the timely success of any projects. In addition to providing exceptional services to both build and manage properties for clients, Boraire’s intention is to establish long-term working relationships between residents, tenants and financial partners, consisting of restructuring finances for development and redevelopment. Check out to see more.



Boraire’s approach is to establish a solid foundation for all parties to build upon and develop a symbiotic relationship that benefits both residents and housing contractors. Clearly, Sam Boraie offers far more than aimless grand planning in its goal to further fruition of urban development for the present and future. Any who seek a top-notch development company in the New Jersey area can’t go wrong with Boraire Development and their commitment to make lasting, positive change in such a chaotic market.



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Plastic Surgery with Dr. Mark Mofid: The Stigma Is Behind Us!

For the every day man and woman, plastic surgery isn’t something within our budget or on our list of needs, but throughout the years cosmetic and plastic surgery is something that has become more accessible and less taboo. Our cultural needs are changing, and as something we’ve known of for so long becomes more attainable – there are so many questions we still need answers to. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid, M.D., is a surgeon who is both attainable, and approachable when needing answers to your burning cosmetic surgery questions.

Graduating from Harvard University with a medical degree, and completing training at The Johns Hopkins University – Dr. Mark Mofid is a board certified surgeon based out of the San Diego and La Jolla area. Many clients and colleagues note his easy going nature, and attribute this very feature to his caring aura and approachable character making him the perfect candidate for your cosmetic surgery needs. For many, common questions arise when considering plastic surgery. Are they dangerous procedures? Will the implants last forever? How long is recovery time?

Take gluteal augmentation surgery for example:

“We’ve compared the rates associated with buttock augmentation surgery and breast augmentation surgery over the course of a decade – there are fewer complications associated with gluteal augmentation then there are with breast augmentation.” Mofid notes on an interview on The Wellness Hour. “In the United States, we don’t use gel filled implants.” He continues. “The FDA has approved soft, solid, silicone implants. So, they don’t necessarily wear out. That doesn’t mean that they might not need to be changed out for whatever reason, but they might last 30 years, 40 years, or the lifetime of the patient.”

Regardless of historical stigmas that lay in place of plastic surgery’s past, our culture is entering a new movement of self appreciation. Surgeons such as Dr. Mark Mofid, are creating a new mold and putting the stigma behind us all.