Legal Expert Looks to Help with Constitutional Reform

Sujit Choudhry is a leading legal expert who has recently met with other experts to discuss the political system of Ukraine. During this meeting, Sujit went over the legal system and constitution of the nation. While going over the constitution and political situation of Ukraine, Choudhry determined that the nation would be better off if it would make some constitutional reforms. As of right now, Ukraine has a political system that is not entirely democratic. It currently has elections that favor the incumbent along with a weak group of opposing parties in the legislature. Along with these two things, Ukraine also allows the president to use a considerable amount of power. With a number of constitutional reforms, Ukraine will likely be in position to provide a fair political system according to Sujit Choudhry. Additional article to read on

One of the things that has made Sujit Choudhry one of the leading legal experts is his knowledge of constitutional law. Throughout his career, he would evaluate the legal system and constitution of various nations and make recommendations on what will benefit them. In recent years, Choudhry helped a number of countries draft a new constitution and therefore create a more stable political system. His expertise has proven to be very helpful to many nations that were seeking to become more democratic. While he has spent a number of years helping nations with revising their constitution, he has also spent quite a few years in the educational sector and in government.

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When Sujit Choudhry first got started in his career, he would participate in helping the government evaluate their constitution. Refer to for a related article.   He worked at the Canadian Supreme Court where he helped the government go over and make changes to their constitution. These changes would help Canada better interpret their laws and also find ways to improve the democratic system in that country. Choudhry would then move on to pursue opportunities in the educational sector. He would work as a professor at law schools in both Canada and the United States. Along with being a professor, he would also serve as the dean of the schools as well. Therefore, he would become a top leader in the educational sector where he would help improve the law school curriculums.  To read more about his outstanding achievement, check

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OSI Foods Has Been Making Improvements for Frozen Foods Everywhere Since 1917

OSI Industries, a food producing company based out of Aurora, Colorado recently bought Tyson foods in a $7.4 million transaction. When the Tyson Foods company first announced it was closing, it claimed that 480 positions would be let go. In the end, only 250 positions remained when OSI Industries took over. OSI kept as many positions as it could, offering positions to the original employees that worked for Tyson Foods. Their spokeswoman Caroline Ahn said that OSI’s position was to continue production as they normally would during the transition period.

OSI Industries was started by a man who was a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He started the company in Illinois where he sold meats. By 1917 he had branched out to expand business in Chicago. Renamed Otto & Sons, this company remained the same providing quality meats to the family until 1955. A small family-owned company was the way that the brothers worked and they weren’t about to change their ways as the years passed. The business was handed down and continued to be a game changer in the meat industry for families everywhere. Then in 1955 expansion began. It was a game changer for the idea of a family-owned company. While it was still family owned, it was becoming readily apparent that it had to expand.

That year they began the process of creating what foodies today know as McDonald’s. In fact, to this very day, McDonald’s is supplied by the company. Their meats were game changers for the fast food industry. It made fast food fast. It never sacrificed quality either as it developed the freezing and transportation system for the hamburgers and other meats later on. As the company that modernized the flash frozen beef patty for use in restaurant’s like McDonald’s, they began to expand further in the seventies to include all of the foods that they now supply today. They provide meats and vegetables to several restaurants and other foods companies to this day.

The future of OSI Industries will continue to grow and expand, now helping other companies that were in danger of failing, to become viable once more. When you consider how good the company is and has been since the beginning, it’s little wonder that Tyson foods felt safe working with them for the purchase.

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Rocketship Education Propels Financially Disadvantaged Students Towards a Better Future

What is Rocketship Education?

SanJose based Rocketship Education is a charter school system covering grades K-12. Wealth equals a higher quality education. Rocketship Education focuses on poor areas where educational opportunities are limited. Rocketship’s mission is to offer poorer students the same chance for academic and lifelong success that students in wealthy areas enjoy.

A non-profit Rocketship Education depends on government grants. Students and parents are referred to as “Rocketeers”. The name “Rocketship Education” symbolizes that for Rocketeers the sky is the limit. In math and English Language Arts, RE pupils perform better than 90% of students from low-income areas of California.

The Coyote Creek Flood

When the Coyote Creek overflowed last year 14,000 SanJose area families were displaced. With Catholic Charities, Rocketship Education raised over $60,000 to help Rocketeers affected by the flooding. The money benefitted the families in multiple ways.

Replacement of neccessities

  • Insurance deductibles
  •  Security deposits for new housing
  • Parents could keep working
  • Ensured the physical and emotional welfare of students

More than a humanitarian effort the Rocketship Education’s flood relief efforts were a civics lesson for the younger Rocketeers. RE emphasis the importance of community. Part of the focus of their curriculum is teaching students social skills intended to foster positive involvement in their community.

The Role of Parents in Education

There is a direct correlation between a student’s academic success and parental involvement. Rocketship Education promotes parental involvement through visits to students’ homes. This not only keeps parents engaged but being familiar with a young Rocketeers home environment helps to tailor the coursework to the student’s individual needs.

Teachers work with elder Rocketeers to help them understand their child’s curriculum. in fact, parents have a hand in developing enrichment programs like music and art. Should a younger Rocketeer struggle in the classroom or with social interaction their parents and teachers seek a solution together.

By being a Rocketship Rocketeer “…at home, at school, and in my community” the world is a Rocketeer’s classroom.

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Found Success Launching A Dating App

It was in 2014 that Whitney Wolfe Herd, at age 24, launched a new dating app called Bumble. With this app, only women can make the first move. This saves them uncomfortable situations and people. 23 million people now use the app and, since monetizing it in the middle of 2016, it now earns about $100 million a year.

By changing the way that dating is initiated Bumble has enabled women to feel more emboldened and powerful. Seeing the potential, Whitney Wolfe Herd has expanded beyond just the dating app at Bumble. In 2016 they launched another smartphone app which is called Bumble BFF. This app is used to expand the user’s circle of friends. In September 2017 her company introduced Bumble Bizz. This app is used to expand the user’s professional contacts list and lead to mentoring opportunities.

Unlike many of her peers at the college she attended, Southern Methodist University, Whitney Wolfe Herd didn’t come from a wealthy background. She didn’t have any internships or jobs awaiting her the moment she graduated. Instead, she had to earn her way on her own. She entered the technology industry and after working for other companies she founded her own in Austin, Texas, when she came up with the idea of Bumble. The idea was developed with the founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, and this company is still the majority owner of Whitney’s privately held company.

The success of Whitney Wolfe Herd and Bumble has led to buyout offers by others in the industry who want in on her success. One of these was Match Group in early 2017 but she turned them down. Her dating app is now the second most used one and has been used by women to initiate contact over 100 million times.

In 2013, around Christmas time, Whitney Wolfe Herd found dating success herself. She met Michael Herd while he was eating and she was skiing. They started dating and that eventually led to their spectacular wedding in the south of Spain in October 2017. The venue was the Villa Tre Ville from which you are right on the Meditteranean and to know more click here