IAP Worldwide Services Wins a $900 Million US Navy Contract

The US Navy has selected IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., to be one of the five companies to deliver the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II. The GCSMAC II is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity deal.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Hawaii, offered the contract and above the recommended base period for completion, the companies have an additional optional seven years. The contract is expected to end by September 2024.

The US Navy will benefit with services like facility support in construction to support humanitarian efforts and natural disasters, a broad spectrum of military actions and services in various global locations that support the US efforts.

The CEO of IAP Worldwide expresses his gratitude for this prestigious win. He added that they were happy to continue to serve clients who rely on them for ingenious solutions to their highly demanding challenges.

The US Navy had awarded the company another contract in 2014 to provide base operation support services at the Naval Air Station in Maryland, US.

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IAP’s support to the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System

IAP Worldwide had earlier won a $53 million contract with the US Army to provide logistics and training in the Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) at Fort Hood, Texas and other global locations. The work would be executed through the Rapid Response Third Generation (R23G) contract.

Rob Hargis of National Security and Technology Programs at IAP said that their company is dedicated to fulfill their clients’ mission by focusing on their requirements and responding to them professionally.

DCGS-A is the US Army’s primary system for posting and processing data, disseminating Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Information about the environment, terrain and weather. This way, it avails crucial information to the army commanders.

The $53 million contract would handle hardware systems engineering, hardware accreditation and certification, networking, data processing, training, warehouse operations and system reconciliations within the military standards.

The Army recognizes IAP Worldwide for delivering advanced solutions to aviation and life support services, design engineering, and expeditionary support to the national security.

About IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.

For more than 65 years, IAP has been providing various services to the United States and foreign government agencies and organizations. The company uses its capabilities to provide innovative, reliable and safe solutions to meet all its clients’ compound needs in 27 countries.

IAP is located in Washington D.C., Florida, Maryland and Oklahoma in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in the Middle East.

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