Helane Morrison’s Steady Rise in the Legal and Financial Communities.

Achieving so much in the financial and legal fields is, to say the least of the many talents that Helane Morrison possesses. As the acting Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at the Hall Capital Partners, she continues to uphold the law within the bounds of the Social Securities Exchange and fight equal rights within the workplaces worldwide. Under the helm of Mrs. Morrison’s bold leadership, and co-chief investment officer, Kathryn Hall, working alongside her the firm owns over $24 billion in assets and is responsible for the finances of some of the richest individuals in the United States. Mrs. Morrison also serves a member of the executive committee of this renowned firm which is entirely run by women.
Helane L. Morrison has openly expressed the need for sustaining basic ethics and upholding upright moral values in all her affiliations. She has also been bold in exposing all those who carry out corrupt dealings in the corporate investment sector. This is why, before joining Hall Capital Partners, Mrs. Morison worked for the San Francisco office of the Securities Exchange Commission as the Regional Director. Northern California, including five states in the Northwest, fell within her jurisdiction of securities law enforcement and fraud litigations and regulatory issues.
During her tenure, Mrs. Morrison oversaw some major investigations concerning the breach of the Securities Exchange Laws. Amongst them, law enforcement actions were taken against the auditors of California Micro Devices, Dean Witter and the Republic Securities of New York. She also acted as the representative of the SEC to other government agencies and the news media, following her amicable relations with both institutions.
While at the Berkley University of California, school of law, Mrs. Morrison acted as the Editor in Chief of the California Law Review and earned her Doctor of Law Degree in 1984. After passing the bar, Mrs. Morrison worked for Hon. Richard Posen of the US Courts of Appeals of the Seventh District as a Law Clerk. After working for Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun for a year, she joined the law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Candy, Falk, & Rabkin. Her hard work and passion for justice elevated her to partner in 1991. Also, her background in media and journalism can also be traced back to college years as she worked as a newspaper reporter at Northwest University where she received her bachelor’s in journalism.
For the recent years, Helane Morrison has been an advocate for ethical and fair business practices in the world. Her passion for justice and campaigning for equal rights within the corporate world make her fitted for her role at Hall Capital Partners.

Bernardo Chua Introduces New Rewards Program to Organo Gold Elite

Of the many successful industries around the world, one of the most successful industries involves coffee, a popular product that has been used for centuries as a delicious beverage to sip on for an early morning or for the purpose of socializing. Coffee has been an industry that has been growing exponentially for centuries and has now been revamped to be health oriented. At the helm of this new health-oriented coffee is Bernardo Chua who is the founder of Organo Gold and is the proud developer of this company into an international company that has millions of consumers buying this product. What makes this product so special is the use of a special ingredient called Ganoderma which is an herb that is found in China. With the use of Ganoderma, Organo Gols has been able to create a delicious product that provides many health benefits to the body as well as to the mind.

In recent news, Bernardo Chua’s company has been revamped to offer brand new rewards programs to both loyal customers of this company as well as to loyal distributors of this company. This is a new strategic business tool that has been created to encourage loyal customers to buy the product at a cheaper price and for the distributors to sell more of the delicious products that are offered. For now, those that are eligible to earn this new rewards program are the customers and distributors that are located in the United States, Canada, as well as Mexico.

Bernardo Chua has always had a mind for business and build this empire around a single ingredient that he believed in. The only requirement of those that join this loyalty program is to join the auto-ship program which guarantees inexpensive and monthly packages of the Organo Gold product. This will allow for all the customers of Organo Gold to receive a 25 percent discount in all of Organo Gold’s sales that are made. To be involved in this new rewards program, one must be a registered member of Organo Gold. Join now for even more health benefits that are guaranteed.  Considering all the awards that Bernardo has won, he’s definitely someone to listen to.  You can do just that on Twitter by following @OGBernie.

Securus Technologies Shows Integrity Breach

If you turn on the news each and every night you will hear about a new security breach that has been broken. It is almost as if the society we live in has been programmed to think these security breaches are either okay or not important because they do not impact us. While these breaches may not impact us directly they are a cause for concern because it reminds us that flaws still remain even in the midst of some of the most technological advances out there. Now, don’t shoot the messenger but hear me out. How should a system that has been created to be perfect have so may flaws?
Recently, Securus Technologies released a statement that Global Tel Link, a company that provides technological services to inmates had not not only suffered from a security breach but from an integrity breach. According to PR Newswire reports [http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-corrects-inaccuracies-in-global-tel-links-gtl-press-release-300282563.html] allegedly, inmates were being overcharged and billed for things they should have never been billed for. It is just another incident of how our inmates continue to be taken advantage of because of their lack of knowledge of what their actual rights are. It’s unfortunate yet sad but the only way to correct this is to address it head on.

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Visit Securus’ BBB page for more information or the Securus America website.

The Manse on Marsh is a Great Place to Live

The American population is rapidly aging, and people are looking for a place to live out the rest of their lives. Elderly people deserve a place where they will receive the best possible care, while also having access to wonderful social activities. Fortunately, there are many retirement communities that want to accommodate the aging American populations. One of the best retirement communities in California is the Manse on the Marsh.

Manse on the Marsh has been in business for many years, and they pride themselves on offering the best possible retirement community. They know that checking your mother or father into a community can be incredibly stressful, and they want people to feel comfortable throughout the process. They personally sit down with each family before check-in and go over options for their stay.

Every resident at the Manse can stay in their own apartment featuring a comfortable bed and a great bathroom. Even though residents are assured of privacy they will feel protected as well. The Manse hires excellent Registered Nurses, who work constantly to keep their patients healthy. The living facilities at Manse on the Marsh are second to none.

Caring.com notes that retirees at the Manse should never have to worry about comfort, but many retired people are concerned that they will be bored throughout their time there. They worry that their friends will fade away and that they will have nothing to do during their time in the retirement community. The staff at Manse has carefully considered this issue, and they believe there are plenty of entertainment options at the Manse. The Manse offers opportunities to learn and grow. Dance lessons, exercise classes, and seminars are all readily available. The community also offers plenty of outings. Residents can go shopping at the mall with their friends. Those that simply want to enjoy a night in with their close friends are sure to enjoy the beautiful movie theater located on the campus. There is something for everyone at the Manse.

Retiring is an incredibly difficult decision, but the Manse makes it easy. They have everything a retiree needs to feel comfortable.  For more information, contact them online, or follow them on Twitter @TheManseonMarsh.

Brian Bonar Executive of the Year

In June 2010, Brian Bonar was named Executive of the Year in the financial field by Cambridge Who’s Who. This committee is very selective and will only name four people, two men and two women per year, to be entered into their registry. The candidates that are usually selected have to be academically accomplished with outstanding leadership abilities. At the time he won the distinction of being named Executive of the Year, Brian Bonar has had 30 years of experience in the financial area. Read more: Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

Bonar is the leader of Trucept,Incorporated, formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. Bonar served as leader in many companies including Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Bonar was employed as a procurement manager for IBM and then went on to become the Director of Engineering for QM. After he left QM, Bonar was a sales manager for Adaptec before starting his first company, Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar is well-educated. The celebrated entrepreneur received his bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Mr. Bonar received his master’s degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Staffordshire University. In 2000, Brian Bonar was entered into the Who’s Who of America. In 2000, Brian Bonar became the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Dalrada supplies different companies with a myriad of employee programs that will enhance their productivity. Many of the services Dalrada provides for their clients are risk management insurance,tax benefits, payroll advances up to $500, and worker’s compensation – Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html and http://bitsylink.com/2015/07/28/all-about-brian-bonar-leader-and-executive/.

The company is named for a holy relic, the stone of destiny, that was fought over for centuries by many nations, including the British monarchs. Like the stone of destiny, Dalrada, based in San Diego, California, stands for perseverance, valor, dedication, and vision.

Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc provided customers with high-tech security. In 2009, the Professional Employer Organizations company became Trucept, Incorporated. Trucept allows their clients to focus on business while Trucept helps them with such other tasks as payroll, safety programs, human resources, worker’s compensation insurance, and more.

Brian Bonar believes that the name change can offer greater flexibility in the global market. Trucept has helped free up 900 small businesses that outsource their administrative functions. Instead of keeping track of how much an employee is being paid, the companies can focus on growing the company.

Trucept, Incorporated offers their clients assistance in helping to create company policies for employees Human Resource advice, workplace polices, and helping the companies keep current federal government requirements. Trucept considers itself part of a partnership between their clients and their business. Read more: Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial

The PEO denies that there is any truth to the fact that company that has the help of a PEO has no more control over their company. Trucept is based in Escondido, California.

Writer, Historian and Peace Activist Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a well known writer, historian, filmmaker and peace activist. With these endeavors, Michael has been able to have an extensive career educating and entertaining people all over the world. He has also been able to contribute to the promotion of world peace in order to help the world become a safer place. Over the years Michael Zomber has participated in shows on the History Channel as well as writing a number of screenplays and novels. His knowledge of history and weapons have made him able to explain to people the history of past firearms as well as other distinguished weapons such as samurai swords.

The first thing that Michael Zomber has done throughout his career is become a weapons and warfare historian. He has collected a number of weapons such as guns and samurai swords and is therefore able to educate people about these weapons. His knowledge of pistols, shotguns and rifles from many different eras have been quite insightful to many people such as gun enthusiasts. Zomber’s knowledge of samurai swords has also provided a lot of significant information for people who are very interested in ancient Japanese history and warfare. With all of this knowledge he has had the opportunity to reveal this to others on the History Channel.

As well as being a weapons and warfare historian, Michael Zomber is also a writer. He has produced a number of screenplays over the years. Michael also wrote a couple of novels as well. These novels are about the Civil War as well as the Japanese samurai. In order to compliment his writing credits, Zomber has produced a documentary about the samurai. These writing and film credits have allowed Michael to establish himself as a very well rounded individual in history as well as the arts.

While Michael Zomber may be an enthusiast with weapons and warfare, he is also well aware of the destructive aspects of warfare. As a result he has been a well known peace activist. He supports organizations that prevent warfare as well as provide care to those in need. Over the years Zomber has been a part of such organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International and also Global Exchange. These organizations have been able to improve communities throughout the world and therefore help those recover from the destruction of warfare. Therefore Zomber has been quite active in helping the world become a more peaceful place.