Activist Yeonmi Park Denies Accusations In North Korean Video

The North Korean government has gone out of its way to discredit human rights activist and South Korean defector Yeonmi Park.
A few days ago, Kim Jung Un’s Korean State Media, NK News released a video with some of Park’s relatives refuting her book In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom and the mistreatment of citizens in their country.

Of the many things outlined in her newly-released book, Park says her father died in China while seeking treatment for cancer. In the video, several people dispute those claims. Park was defiant in her response. “Nearly a dozen people know what happened to my father. He was treated in China and died there,” according to Park.

Park said on the News.AU interview that she isn’t surprised by the video. Kim Jung Un, the son of former President Kim Jung Il, has gone out of his way to paint her as a liar and her book as fantasy, according to Park.

Park’s book outlines her family and many others were at the mercy of Kim Jung Il and his brutal dictatorship. She says she has seen many people arrested, shot and worse for rather minor transgressions. Even her father was arrested and sentenced on charges of smuggling.

Although Park, her mother and sister ultimately escaped, it was not without a price. The death of her father, the uncertainty about her sister’s whereabouts, sexual assault and other indignities at the hand of Chinese human traffickers.

“We were very lucky to have escaped the ordeal,” says Yeonmi Park. “A number of people who have attempted to leave are never heard from again.”

Park says she feels very bad for an uncle and aunt who were used in the video. “They had no choice but to say those things. I am not angry at them because the alternative was imprisonment or death.”


Athleisure Has Emerged As A Top Trend

Fabletics is an online subscription retailer. A subsidiary of the online retailer JustFab, Fabletics sells accessories and sportswear for women. Fabletics offers its members unique outfits based on their fashion preference and lifestyle.

As the story goes at The Krazy Coupon Lady, Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. A membership to join Fabletics does come with a fee, however members can avoid a month without a charge. Once registered, members will be required to participate in a survey to provide details on workout and lifestyle preferences. At the start of very month, unique outfits are chosen for all members as a result of their preferences.

Currently, athleisure has become a top trend in the apparel industry. The perception is that Americans want to be comfortable no matter the circumstances. Industry insiders on believe that the trend initially began with Jane Fonda’s workout tape, then progressed when Lululemon’s yoga styled apparel was created.

As denim sales have started to decline, Fabletics has seen increased profits. Fabletics updates their colors, textures, and prints frequently. New collections are often released on the first of every month. Fabletics has also taken advantage of their social media influence to increase their popularity.

According to their latest Facebook update, the company has now begun to open retail stores throughout the country, with rapid expansion expected over the next few years. There are plans in place for the company to add dresses and swimsuits to its current lineup. Fabletics has also launched a men’s active wear line.

Revealing America: A Profile of the Many Who Travel The Highways By Bus

The Greyhound Diaries is an emotional journey that provides a view of who the people are that travel the roads of the U.S. by bus. It is a picture of the people who are not living out the American Dream, but instead struggling to survive. These stories are told through a web series, original music and a stage presentation. Throughout these stories there are two themes. One is how the average citizen is affected by the economic and political turmoil their country undergoes. The second point is how similar everyone is, even when they live thousands of miles apart and seemingly have very different stories.

The project is the work of Doug Levitt. Once a network foreign correspondent, Levitt now earns his salary as a singer and songwriter. He spent seven years and traveled more than 70,000 miles on buses to meet the people whose stories he reveals in this presentation. The purpose of this project was to give a voice to those who are the least likely to be heard. Since it is well known that people who use buses for transportation generally only do so because they have to, Levitt wanted to learn more about what brought them to this point and what their circumstances means to each individual.

During a performance, Levitt is able to share stories, photographs and the music the journey has inspired. Many of his performances are free to the public, and some have even been held at homeless shelters across the country. Levitt chose Greyhound because it was the only single transportation system in the country that made trips to so many small towns and rural communities across the country. This thorough examination of the entire country is what has made his project so meaningful and genuine.

Listen to Doug’s music here.

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About Diversant LLC Principal, John Goullet

John Goullet is a passionate business person involved in IT staffing and solution industry. He is the principal of DIVERSANT LLC, an information technology configured company. He was born in 1962 and studied at Ursinus College where he graduated in 1983.

John Goullet always says that his job in IT staffing has helped him to get in touch with numerous including critical people in the history of America. John has always encouraged other people to join him in his career from which they will get a decent way to make money which is every body’s dream. It has always been his passionate job.

John’s career came to live in 1994 as an IT consultant after which he took over IT staffing. After joining IT Staffing and having worked in many companies, he came up with his business Info Technologies. The purpose of the group was to solve the problems in Fortune 500 firms. The company later grew to $30M in stocks acquiring an honored in Inc. Magazine list as a fast growing company in the U.S.

Later in 2010, Goullet formed a relation with Gene Waddy merging his business with Gene’s DIVERSANT Inc. They later came up with the famous DIVERSANT LLC whose growth has doubled recently making it stable in the market. The purpose of naming the company DIVERSANT was due to the company’s passion for promoting diversity with uniqueness in the supply chain. The company has the habit of recognizing their customers as business partners being able to cater for their needs with newer solutions.

The company acquired the title of being the largest American-African Company offering IT staffing and solutions in the US. The company has a certification as a Minority Business provider in the US. The company reaches higher levels in acquiring huge chances for consultants and associates with the aim of coming up with new and genuine solutions for their customers.

Due to the company expertise in IT staffing, it has been able to give the market new ways of providing solutions in the market. It offers direct hire and IT staffing valuations. It has also trained numerous people to be able to excel in their passionate dreams.

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Uncommon Schools Sees $22k Raised At Fundraiser By Keith Mann And Dynamics Search Partners

Dynamics Search Partners, and Keith Mann’s new fundraiser was an instant success after it helped raise over $22,000 for Uncommon Schools in New York. According to PRNewsire the funds are used to help low income students attend the prestige’s charter school.

The funds will pay for student tests such as the PSAT and AP Testing. The idea with Uncommon Schools is to offer a way to learn, while helping students prepare for college and the careers after. Keith believes fully in giving everyone a chance to attend college, and hopes in helping millions of low-income students to achieve a college degree through Dynamic Search Partners fundraising.

Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners are not new to helping with Uncommon Schools, they first started helping back in 2013. The idea between the match-up is to offer two fundamental types of learning, including tactical and practical, both of which are important skills to have. Both Mann and Uncommon Schools believe in this common goal as a way to help students succeed at college.

Having practical skills before college starts gives a student not only a leg up over other students, it also helps give them skills in which they can use for the rest of their life. These skills, along with the tactical ones taught, will help students in their future careers. All of the skills taught can also help a student in an internship position, and give them a better understanding prior to looking for an internship.

Keith Mann founded Dynamics Executive Search in 2002 to better help the hedge fund market. Mann’s belief that hedge funds were a growing market was spot on, and by 2009 he would launch Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), an executive search firm.

Keith Mann continues his part at DSP in the CEO position, where he helps clients with hiring investment and marketing professionals with firms from the United States, Europe and Asia.

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An innovation to the world of house cleaning services — Handy

Local house cleaning services are going to be muttering under their breath when they catch to the expansion and overall growth of new company, Handy. Have you ever had something that you simply couldn’t do, whether it be from laziness or pure frustration? That dresser you couldn’t put together properly? That surround sound system or car sound system you didn’t know how to hook up? Just about anything you can think of, you can now make an appointment with someone from Handy to have them do instead — and for a modest price!

Now most places that are privately owned are going to cost you more money. They operate differently and they don’t have the same system set in place in order to give you that level of efficiency you would expect from a company of this size. Handy not only services its customers with the utmost efficiency — it creates jobs for the people who are willing to work hard and join the Handy team. There are all sorts of different freelance on-and-off positions around the world. Although Handy is not in every city by any means, it is in a lot of the more major areas around the world, and consistently growing.

Those who make a lot of money but also spend a lot of time working can really see just how useful this sort of company can be. Those hours you could be spending working would be making you hundreds of dollars, or enjoying your day even for that matter. With Handy, that dream becomes a reality. Is your garage making a weird noise, your plumbing giving you an issue? Why spend all of that valuable time that you only have so much of worrying about it?! Let someone that is trained to handle whatever you need come to your doorstep and take care of it for you. Handy is especially affordable too, offering $39 for the first appointment that you make, instead of their normal $70 rate.

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Highland Capital Management LP Abruptly Changes Course

James Dondero, founder of hedge fund, Highland Capital Management, recently decreased the company’s holdings in Athenahealth Inc. (ATHN), by 83.1 percent. The company’s share price was declining, while the overall market rallied. James Dondero sold 78.976 shares. The company still holds 16,024 shares. Athenahealth’s share price has declined by more than 4 percent since October, 2015. It has under-performed the S & P 500 during this time. Several analysts follow the company. Thirteen companies rate it a “Buy.” Three rate it a “Sell,” and 8 rate it a “Hold.” Highland, which manages nearly $18 billion, recently increased its holdings of Sally Beauty Holdings (SBH) and Progressive Corp. (PGR).

Jim Dondero co-founded and is president of Highland Capital Management, LP. It started in 1993 and has focused mainly on high-yield investing and investing in distressed assets. The company currently manages around $20 billion in assets. The company uses a variety of asset classes and structures, including hedge funds, separate accounts, distressed and special situations for private equity investors, mutual funds and ETFs for making returns for its clients. Highland manages over $2 billion in healthcare assets. Highland uses a long-only strategy for investing in credit. They use a long/short strategy for equity investing. Recently, Highland introduced three exchange-traded funds (ETFs) including Highland HFR Global Fund(HHFR), Highland HFR Event Driven Fund (DRVN) and Highland Equity Hedge Fund (HHDG).

James is a member of the board of directors of American Banknote Corporation, MGM Studios, NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare. He has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. He was instrumental in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations. He studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. He has served as Chief Investment Officer for GIC’s Protective Life subsidiary, from 1989 to 1993. From 1985 to 1989 he managed $1 billion in fixed income assets at American Express. He holds the designations of Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

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A Look At Friend Finding App Skout

What Is Skout?

Skout is a social media app that was created in 2007. It is available for download for free at the iPhone app store. The app is compatible with all iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Skout is designed to help people connect and make friendships through its platform. Signing is up free, and you can enroll through Facebook or an email address. You can begin browsing other profiles right away without even completing your profile or uploading a picture yourself. Skout customizes matches so that you are shown results that you are interested in, such as for example whether you are interested in woman, people from a certain city, or who speak a certain language.

The main display page of Skout is a grid like view of matching profiles based on your interest and what you are looking for. You can select profiles on the main display page grid view to find out more about that person.

Some Skout Features

Skout has some pretty nifty and cool features. One of the most interesting features is the shake feature. By actually shaking the device you are using to access Skout you will be thrown into a random conversation with another person who has also “shaked.” It provides excitement and suspense as you don’t know who you will end up talking to and where they will be from.

Another feature of Skout is the “buzz”. The buzz provides you with news like updates and photos of people who are nearby as well as their latest status. This is a cool way of seeing who is nearby and what they are doing.

The meet feature of Skout displays a grid of users who are located near you and who want to meet another user in real life. This app is pretty self explanatory in purpose and is a good way of trying to meet someone in person.

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Enterprise Radio Guest Philip Diehl Explains Trends In The Gold Market With Eric Dye

Philip N Diehl, the current President at the U.S. Money Reserve, played guest on the Enterprise Radio Show under host Eric Dye. Dye asked Diehl for his view of the gold markets as they are today. Due to the current unpredictable trends in the market, one of the questions was in specific reference to the markets volatility.
On top of being the current president the U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl also served at the Department of Treasury as the COS. These positions have earned Philip Diehl a reputable history and credited knowledge behind the U.S. dollar and the trends of the past and future.

Diehl explains much of his education relating to legal tender and bullion to his general experience within the gold markets and the gold bullion history around the world. Diehl was also appointed as the 35th director at the U.S. Mint by Bill Clinton during his term in office. Read more: US Money Reserve Inc. Review – Coin Dealers, Supplies and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

Currently, United States holds some of the purest gold within the market. Gold purity in many other locations have seen altering and been counterfeited, which means they are not of the purest quality. The Federal Reserve backs all U.S. gold as pure. The strong economy for precious metals has the U.S. Money Reserve in good standings on gold, platinum and silver.

A major question asked during the radio show for Diehl by Eric Dye was what the president believed the large impacts were today in the current gold market. Diehl gave a brief list when answering the question, in reference to the article that can be found on CBS19, explaining the top four reasons for the volatility in the market.

First, the financial crisis in 2008 had an impact on millions of people, creating a fear within the markets. This fear developed a higher demand for increased gold quality. Gold quality plays a large role in overall wealth, and the more pure the gold, the safer the wealth.

Second, Electronically Traded Funds increased the overall purchases of gold, filling in some of the demand. Third, the ETF provided to the 2011 bull market, but also took away from the bear market. Lastly, The increase of value for the dollar was offsetting the growth demand for gold. This added pressure to the crisis.

Many people don’t understand that the majority of gold demand comes from larger markets like China, holding up to 65 percent of total demand.

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Soldiers Storm the Streets of Caracas

Wikipedia leaked rumors of a possible coup spread through the Venezuelan capital city of Caracas last week, as citizens woke to find armed soldiers patrolling the streets. The soldiers were sent out to the barrios as part of Operation Liberation and Protection, a 2015 anti-crime initiative.
The soldiers set up check-points in the streets and searched homes that were rumored to have heavy weapons. Soldiers were stationed on rooftops, and many patrolled the streets on foot and motor vehicles. State-operated television stations reported that the military also deployed tanks and helicopters.

Operation Liberation and Protection (OLP) was launched last year after Caracas was realized to be one of the most violent cities in the world. It is feared by expert Jose Gonzalez that the recent military deployment is less about crime prevention and more about political control.

Venezuela’s economy has been on the door of collapse for approximately a year. The impact of the government’s poor choices has hit the citizens in the forms of food shortages and the rationing of utility services. Necessities such as laundry detergent and toilet paper have been rationed, as well as diapers.

“They are here to control us,” said criminologist Luis Izquiel said. “They are here to intimidate.”