Brian Bonar Brings High Class Food To San Diego With Bellamy

Brian Bonar has brought high class cuisine to San Diego with his new restaurant called Bellamy, and he wants to help people of the San Diego area feel welcome when they come to his restaurants. Bellamy was put in Escondido to help match with all the other places that are in the area, and it feels like a place that has been there for decades. Bellamy is not the only restaurant Brian Bonar is running, but it is the one that has the most homely feel –

He has made a restaurant that has a nice bar, and he has a menu that people are going to love because it feels like it came from a bistro in Europe. Brian Bonar wants to make high class food that anyone can enjoy, but he still has a restaurant that feels like a diner that people would choose to go to every day. It is also important for people to make sure that they are going to be able to come to more places in San Diego that are going to make dining fun.

The best thing about Brian Bonar is that he does not sit on his laurels while he has one restaurant in San Diego that is popular. He is making a new ranch location that is going to host events, and he wants to have his best chef and his best kitchen in that location. He can invite people out there any time he wants, and he will be able to give people more places to come to have good food. He always wants to have the best menu, and he wants to help the people of San Diego try better food that is obviously very European.

Brian Bonar has created a culture for food in San Diego, and he is perpetuating that culture with his restaurants. The new ranch will merely give people another place to go to enjoy his food.

There are a lot of people who are going to come out to try his new foods, and they will be able to make new memories at his ranch location. Brian Bonar came over from Scotland to make food in a place that he loves to live, and he has appeared in San Diego society as one of a new crop of people who fit in. He loves the San Diego area, and he is bringing in people who like to go find different foods every day. He has great destinations in the San Diego area that people will love, and it is very important for people to come out and try his menu because it is different from the menus that people will usually find when they are searching for new cuisine.

Venezuela’s Greatest MLB Players!

Growing up as a kid in Michigan, I followed Major League Baseball as if my very survival depended on it! As I sat on the curb with my best friend, we listened on our palm-sized transistor radio as Vin Scully announced some of the greatest names to ever play the game of baseball.
We cheered for players like Bobby Abreu, Dave Concepcion, Ozzie Guillen, Maglio Ordonez and Omar Vizquel. Each one listed in About Sports Top Ten MLB Players from Venezuela.

Now, current Venezuelan greats like Norka Luque, Victor Martinez and Miquel Cabrera are paving the way for the younger stars in the league coming up behind them straight out of Venezuela. The future looks very bright for Major League Baseball as José Altuve is dominating the American League pitching since arriving on the scene in 2011. All Altuve has done is make the MLB All-Star team three times and in 2014, became the first Houston Astro to win the American League batting title. All this, at a record-setting five feet five inches tall!

Each and every day, you can turn on Fox Sports, ESPN or your local news and find some of your favorite stars like Norka from Venezuela in the headlines. Do yourself a favor and research these great ball players and discover the rich history of Venezuela.

Leggings and Sneakers are the New Skirts and High Heels

The writer Kelly Dougher has gone through various styles before she adopted her current dressing style. In high school she used to wear jeans, hoodies and sneakers. She transformed her out look when she joined college and tried new designs that brought out her feminine side. She exchanged her jeans and hoodies style with more conventional clothes on such as skirts and high heels that complemented her look. From high school her clothing preference and tastes of fashion changed. It was after high school that she started to draw attention due to her fashion taste. It was not until she was a seasoned writer that she changed her clothing style. Before that she used to be the one with cool official clothing.

While working at home a person gets acquainted with wearing informal clothing since you are not going out. She changed her style and adopted her new sporty look. She started wearing clothes that were previously worn during exercises and work outs. Leggings, hoodies and yoga pants found themselves in her closet. She states not only are they comfortable but match her new sense of style. She disclosed some of her new preference.

After joining the gym she has invested in gym workout clothes that are practically serve several purposes. Her new found love loose leggings, leggings and sneakers can be worn in several occasions. Although it would be a plus if this clothes were customized to your preference and liking. On lazy days such as weekends she has adopted wearing sneakers and fitting jeans that can be worn over a classy trench coat. While dressing up you need to have your comfort in mind. Kelly Doughter admires people that have found a clothing fashion style that works for them.

Some workout clothes can be tasteless and somehow plain. Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady, however, is a sporty clothing company that has been designing classy and sassy workout clothes. Not only do Fabletics on corp.justfab make one of the coolest sport clothes in the market but they tailor them to a client specification. This aspect has been well highlighted in an article ran by that can be accessed here:

While designing their clothes Fabletics has people like Kelly Doughter in mind. Their sporty clothes have a sense of fashion as evidenced by various pictures exhibited in their website.

Why Ross Abelow’s Initiative is of Benefit to Strays

One of the leading lights in New York’s legal circles, Ross Abelow recently launched his Go Fund Me campaign. This is a unique initiative that aims at sustaining destitute animals, which have invaded the city’s streets. Mr. Abelow is aiming at raising a minimum of 5,000 dollars. This money will be used to support various animal rescue centers in New York. The campaign was formally inaugurated on January 13th 2016. This was a timely launch because it will provide a safe haven for the strays during the winter.

Mr. Abelow has resolved to channel monies that will be raised towards supplying essential commodities such as medical services, inoculations, blankets and nutriment to animals that are housed in the shelters. Despite the fact that the number of homeless animals is swelling, not many people are helping the overstretched facilities to effusively provide accommodation to the strays. By raising money through this noble action, Ross Abelow hopes that the pressure on the rescue centers will be relieved and the animals’ distress alleviated.

Spearheading this cause is Mr. Abelow’s way of taking part in community based projects. He is rallying other animal lovers to come out in large numbers and offer financial support to the shelters. Currently, they are dogged with financial and spatial constrains, which limits their ability to adequately house any additional strays. If left on the streets, the beasts pose danger to the public. Worse still, they could succumb to hunger, sickness or the cold weather.

An Outline of Ross Abelow

He is rated among the top lawyers in New York and has been numerously described as a stand-out attorney due to his unmatchable work rate and capability to offer sound legal advice to clients. His expertise in the legal profession has won him many admirers. Despite his numerous achievements inside and outside the courtroom, Abelow has a down to earth personality. This has given him the ability to effectively communicate with his clients. This has distinguished him and put him in a class of his own, far ahead of his peers.

Abelow went to New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law. He was admitted to the bar in 1990 and since then, he has effortlessly endeavored to provide the best legal services to his clients. His legal practice leans towards marital, business, domestic and litigation law. Besides this he is an avid social media personality on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, he is also active on the legal blogosphere.

Beauty Blogger Tries WEN Cleansing Conditioner But Learns Every Step Must Be Followed

Beauty blogs like are in a unique position, because they often get a chance to try great hair, skin care or makeup products and then write up an honest review. As readers, we all expect these writers to be truthful.

For example, let’s look at Emily McClure, a Fashion & Beauty contributor to She wrote a piece about the WEN cleansing conditioner here. In it, she takes the reader on a 7-day journey using the no-poo method of hair care for her fine locks.

WEN By Chaz was developed by the well-known LA stylist who changed the way many women “lather, rinse and repeat.” His brand of “co-washing” formulas(conditioner washing) were designed to bring back healthy hair and stop the damage done with potent polymers, detergents and binders that all strip our tresses during the shampoo process.

WEN fig cleansing conditioners from have been made to work with all hair types, from baby fine, to super curly to African American texture. The stylist is proud of his unique hair care line, as it provides a 5-in-1 punch, eliminating the need of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner.

Emily McClure wrote her post and included photos of her hair after using Wen. She admitted that for the product to yield amazing results, you had to follow the directions to a tee. Emily revealed that fine-haired ladies must shower and style their hair every morning with the cleansing conditioner and not skip a day between washes, even if she had showered the night before. If any steps were not followed as directed, she found her strands getting oily and unmanageable.

Emily did give WEN BY Chaz high marks for shine, softness and clean hair that had extra bounce. She found the product safe and healthy to use.