The Roles Sightsavers played in the Global Disability Summit in Rallying for Inclusivity for the Disabled

Ambitious goals

Statistics have shown that over 1 billion people across the world lives with some form of disability. Some live in the underdeveloped countries where their rights are not upheld.

A Global Disability Summit was held and was attended by over 800 delegates from all corners of the world. While the challenges associated with people with disabilities has been talked about, they have not been dealt with accordingly. The Summit focused on the following themes: dignity and respect to all, inclusive education, technology and innovation as well as economic empowering.


Prior to the Summit, Sightsavers had envisioned what it would like to be achieved in the Summit. They put forward a campaign known as ‘Put Us in the Picture’ with an aim to encourage transparency and accountability in the Summit as well as commitment amongst attendees to ensuring inclusivity among the disabled. Much of what Sightsavers aimed at, were accomplished at the Summit.


Commitments to make a difference

Over 300 delegates at the Summit advocated for Global Disability Summit Charter for Change, which affirmed their commitment to pursue inclusivity as well as equality among the disabled in their respective countries or societies. The commitments that were pledged can be narrowed down to ensuring and upholding the rights, dignity, freedoms as well as inclusivity for all people with disabilities.

Sightsavers has been at the frontline in fighting for diversity as well as inclusivity for the disabled people. The Summit’s achievements aligned well with the Sightsavers’ goals. Sightsavers, specifically, Put Us in the Picture, have put a considerable effort into supporting the UK government to put in place measures to ensure global inclusivity as well as diversity for people with disabilities.

The strides Sightsavers has made towards equality and inclusivity for all

Sightsavers has combined effort with other partners to fight for the rights of the most marginalized in the civil societies across the globe. It has been dedicated to restoring sight to people with avoidable blindness and working to see to it that inclusivity is achieved and the disabled are included in all aspects of civil societies which they live in.

Dr. Caroline Harper, one of the Summit attendees, said that she was impressed by the commitments made at the Summit. She went ahead to say that it is a good thing that the global development community came together to make sure no one is left behind in efforts to achieve development goals as well as improve lives of the people in underdeveloped countries.

Upwork Shows You How To Get Through Your To-Do List

Creating a to-do list is a great way to stay on top of your freelance work, but your list is not showing results if you are not getting through it. This is why companies such as Upwork take the time to share tips for meeting those important deadlines.

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Upwork shows you how to get through your to-do list with the following tips.

Record Every Task

You may feel it is better to remember every task on your to-do list, but this method causes you to focus on the tasks you have not completed. Writing down your to-do list gives you the chance to forget about a task until it is time to work on it. This allows you to only focus on your current task. You can even save your to-do list on an online planner, computer software or mobile application.

Store Your Tasks Together

There is nothing more unorganized than scattering your to-do list across sticky notes, notebooks and mobile applications. You may spend several minutes trying to find and piece together your entire to-do list. Whether you are using a notebook or application, it is important to keep your to-do list in one place. This way, you can glance at your next task without spending several minutes looking for the list.

Re-Evaluate Your List

If you are constantly putting off a specific task on your list, it may be time to re-evaluate that task. It may be a task that is not as important to you, and this is known as a low-value task. The time you spend thinking about a low-value task could be spent working on a high-value task. You want to set aside several minutes at the end of each week to re-evaluate, edit or remove certain tasks.

When you record, organize and evaluate your to-do list, you are sure to stay productive throughout your work day.

Advice For Success From Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a man that is not afraid to have big dreams. Although, his original dream was to become a doctor. He was not able to pursue this dream of his because his parents did not have the financial means to back him up at the time.

Guilherme Paulus still managed to have a good education and has a degree in Business Administration. He is a Brazilian entrepreneur that now has almost 50 years of experience in the tourist industry. Guilherme is now among the wealthiest people in the world and has a net worth of 1.1 billion.

Guilherme Paulus has narrowed the keys to success down to a few traits that are necessary for almost any profession.

– Do not be afraid to risk
– Be optimistic
– Be determined
– Love what you do

This is advice from one of the best and most successful businessmen in all of Brazil. Guilherme Paulus has been honored and recognized by various international Governments. The Government of France honored him in 2012 for his many contributions to the development of tourism in France. For the internationally recognized businessman, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. For Guilherme, the customer is the coffee, the lunch, the dinner, and the gas. When you get a customer, you get a friend.

The successful entrepreneur did not start off successful. He began by working for IBM. He soon realized that calculations and numbers were not for him. He saw an ad in the local newspaper that was placed by the Casa Faro travel agency, and they were looking to hire a salesman. Guilherme quickly accepted the offer and began to explore his talents in the travel and tourist industries. During a trip, he met a politician named Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. The politician noticed how talented Guilherme was and offered him a partnership for the two to found their own travel agency. Guilherme agreed and proceeded to co-found the CVC travel agency with Carlos in 1972. Carlos left the business venture after four years and sold his shared to Guilherme Paulus.

Matt Badiali: A geologist and expert in natural resources investments

If you are a seasoned investor, there are chances that you have heard about the Investor Matt Badiali. He is an expert who has proved that he knows almost everything that is there to know about this industry. He has spent over a decade looking for investment opportunities that he can share with the average investors. His wish is to see people invest wisely and make profits out of the markets.

Matt Badiali deals with a field that not many people are familiar with. He looks for investment opportunities in natural resources. This field rarely draws the attention of investors since even the information about is not readily available. However, Badiali is an expert in this field and understands it so well that he does not need to be assisted by anyone to analyze the opportunities available.

Badiali is a trained and experienced geologist, meaning that his expertise in mining activities is admirable. He holds a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He also has a bachelors in Earth Science from Penn State University. Armed with this knowledge, he worked in various countries which have active mining activities going on. He went to countries such as Haiti, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Papua New Guinea, where he learned some significant lessons about mining. He understands the global mining industry and how it reacts to different external factors.

When Matt Badiali is making a recommendation about a certain investment, there is almost a perfect chance that it will turn out as he has predicted. He picks the best opportunities that the average investor can benefit from.

Recently, Matt Badiali made a recommendation that has seen some people start making money after a very short time. He started the whole idea of freedom checks which is an investing strategy that involves investing in businesses he calls MLPs.

Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing. Freedom checks are profits that investors will enjoy from these businesses which he says are likely to pay out $34.6 billion to their investors, these companies enjoy unique regulations which allow them to share most of the profits with the investorss. They receive tax reliefs from the government for the work they do- exploring natural resources.

Academy of Art University- Selling Some Classic Cars From Collection

It has been found recently that the Academy of Art University is going to consign seven of their classic cars to be auctioned off at Mecum’s “Daytime Sale” to take place in late August. This discovery comes just one week after the announcement that the university had hired the help of a new chief executive to run the collection.

The university has future plans to make the museum a public one. Currently, the museum had only been open and available to students who are studying car restoration and design. Appointments for a museum tour were also available from the public and other students.

Academy of Art University

Established in 1929, the university was founded as a for-profit institution in California. It was originally founded by Richard Stephans with only a few hundred students attending. Today, the university has more than 12,000 students enrolled. There are claims that this is the largest art and design school that is privately owned in the United States.

Elisa Stephans

The university has now been handed down to Richard’s granddaughter, Elisa Stephans. She has explained that there are more than 250 cars in the collection and many are pre-war automobiles. Some of the vehicles being sold at the auction are going to be replaced with ones that are more contemporary. These newer vehicles will be more useful to students working on their degrees at the university.

Auction Offerings

The university is offering a collection of cars to the Mecum’s Mondery sale. They have affectionately name this grouping “Art on Wheels.” Many of the cars that the university owns also helps students in design classes as well. Many of those students go on to decorating the interiors of vehicles in their careers.

Another reason for the university opening up their car collection museum to the public is to bring in more money. Changing the mix of vehicles in the collection will help to appeal to a wider audience. Some of the vehicles to be included in the auction are a 1929 convertible sedan Duesenberg Model J, a 1940 Cadillac Series and a 1940 Packard Super 8 Model.

Eat Right with the OSI Food Group Professionals

Eating a great diet is important to the OSI Group food service team. They’ve been able to compete in a complex food service industry. They were one of the first to win an award for their food excellence with over a century in the food industry. Get the diet plan you need to feed your family a great meal. Eat smart with OSI. Each one of their diets are formulated with the proper amount of vitamins and daily antioxidants. Don’t trust your diet to big name food industry professionals with added byproducts or GMO processed foods by making the switch to OSI for your restaurant.

OSI Recent International Business News

Many big name food giants have been unable to compete with the successful business relationship with the United States and OSI. They’ve had a presence that stretches over 20 years. More importantly, they have been able to create a business relationship with the EU food industry. While others were competing for the Flagship Europe Food Group, OSI Group was already sealing the deal with the food giants. They will now operate their largest food facility. They have been able to become a part of the Dutch, Baho Food Group to process their organic vegetables.

Meet OSI Group Team Leaders

There are several food giant team executives that are a part of the OSI Industries success model, but their key leaders have did a great job standing out. Their CEO, David McDonald, has been able to stand out as a serious business professional. He has led the industry by creating jobs around the world. In fact, with the OSI, COO, Sheldon Lavin, there are over 7,000 jobs for at-risk adults around the world. They’re also recipients of the British Food Council Awards. Learn more about the OSI Group team by visiting their easy to navigate website for more details.


The Exceptional Man behind Eucatex Group; Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is among the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He was born into a rich family. However, he did not let his family’s wealth determine his hard work. He joined the New York University where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Later on, he joined Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University in Brazil. Here he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

His family operated a business called Eucatex Group. It was established in 1951. Its aim was to produce environmental friendly building supplies. In addition, it also produced toys and furniture. In 1987, he decided to work for the company alongside his family members. Despite his ties with the owners, he worked extremely hard. He produced nothing short to quality results. The company’s management team decided to come together to discuss his amazing results. It was then that he was chosen to be the president of Eucatex Group.

Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership, the company has grown to become one of the best building companies in Brazil. It exports its products to approximately 40 countries around the world. Besides that, the company was involved in the construction of the stadium where the 2014 World Cup was held.

More so, Flavio Maluf is greatly consulted when it comes to economical matters in Brazil. Recently, he did an interview discussing how production of farm products consequently affected animal products. He advocates for any entrepreneur to always study the market trends. This eventually helps solve matters such as declines experienced in production.

His contribution to Brazil goes deeper to his Philanthropic nature. He is a believer in every individual acquiring quality healthcare. He assists and donates to people and charities in areas such as Sao Paulo. This charisma and Philanthropic nature is greatly admired by people around the world. Read more:


Success in the Real Estate Business with Jose Neto of JHSF

Success is not built overnight. It is a process that has a lot that one needs to give up to acquire other things. You have to know what you want and believe in your ability to get to the top. However, there are times that we need motivation and closure on the things that we are experiencing. The only way that this can be achieved is by understanding how the business journey unfolds by learning from others.

If you are looking forward to investing in the real estate, JHSF is your ideal teacher. JHSF is the leading real estate developer in the state of Brazil. It has marked history by developing premium hotels, restaurants and most importantly being among the first real estate to start the development of malls in the state.

JHSF acquired the rights to develop malls through their CEO Jose Neto. The malls gained popularity in the nation because the residences did not have a place to shop under one roof before JHSF build the malls.

The leadership of Jose Neto in the company has been very helpful. He had very great ideas that propelled the firm. Jose Neto joined the company in 1993 when he was in 18 years old. Later after gaining experience, he was given the CEO position. It is worthwhile to note that he had some entrepreneurship experience because he was one of the sons of the individuals who began the company.

Jose Neto has led to JHSF dominating the market of Brazil. Well, he understands that there is always the next level to reach; a new goal to achieve. This is why Jose Neto has decided to move to the company to the international level. They have already done their first project in New York. Every dream is achievable. You only need the patience to see it grow.

Why Try OSI Foods For Your Major Food Corp

Why Choose The Popular OSI Food Solutions Group

The OSI Food Group has always been a dedicated food professional. They have proudly served over 1 million meals to customers around the globe. Their premiere food processing plant is located in Aurora, Illinois. The food industry has strict guidelines about the way food is being processed and the OSI Group adheres to those rules. You get an organic meal without the harsh additives that are found in other processed foods. Surprisingly, the OSI Group has over a century of experience in the food network. Trust your diet to an OSI food plan.

International Business News

There are many food groups that are competing for the major food corps around the world. You will never witness a food processing network that is dedicated to the food industry like OSI. They’ve been able to complete a deal between a popular EU food facility. As international food leaders, they have been able to partner with the impressive Flagship Europe Food Group. The acquisition has allowed them to double their chicken processing in the international food industry. They will now process organic vegetables for the Dutch industry Baho Foods for additional global business growth.

OSI Charity Initiatives

There has been thousands of lives improved by the job initiative created by OSI. They were one of the first to come up with an economic plan to create jobs and help at-risk children and adults around the world. OSI has created over 6,000+ jobs worldwide. They’re also responsible for bidding for a Chicago Tyson food plant that has retained hundreds of current positions for displaced workers. The OSI Group will still process Tyson foods and other organic food products from the net renovated plant. You’re invited to visit the official OSI Group website for more details on their food products served worldwide.

Sheldon Lavin – The Force Behind the Strategic Growth of OSI Group

At 86 years old, the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group Sheldon Lavin is one of the oldest executives worldwide. He is the most prominent figure at OSI and has been at the heart of the company’s operations since the 1980’s. In fact, he is the force behind the strategic global growth of the century-old company founded by Otto Kolschowsky. Sheldon Lavin is one of the leading executives who came from humble backgrounds to run the most successful businesses, in this case, a leading figure in the food industry. Lavin’s tenure at OSI Group began in the 1970’s when he joined the entity as a partner. During the decade, he vigorously pushed for the company’s global growth agenda. It is from his interest in initiating global growth that Lavin rose to the position of the chief executive officer in the 1980’s.

While he was entering OSI Group in the 1970’s, Lavin had experience in the investment and banking industry. This set of knowledge was critical at the time since the enterprise needed an experienced executive who would discuss international deals. At this time, Lavin had already acquired half ownership of the company and had 100% control vote. But his mission wasn’t to stay at the company, but to help it grow globally. This prompted Sheldon Lavin to start a series of international mergers and acquisitions as part of his strategic growth agenda and more

Before his entrance, OSI was majorly dealing with the supply of fresh beef. After his entry, the company diversified its interests to cover broader components of the food industry such as poultry production. The first decade of the new millennium was the best time for OSI to expand its poultry business. It first started with partnering or acquiring poultry companies in the US, then broadened to partnering with international companies.

Indeed, the credit of transforming the OSI Company to its current top status in the food production sector goes to Sheldon Lavin. Throughout his tenure as the company’s senior executive, Lavin has provided strategic leadership aimed at expanding the company’s growth through mergers. Since Lavin has no plans to retire from the top executive role, OSI Group will continue with its global partnership deals and cement its rank in the food industry.